Vi Peel no booster. Lady rubbed my skin REALLY hard when applying like she was rubbing skin off; Burned like CRAZY. (photo)

She seemed surprised it hurt me. Burning subsided with her fan. Is this normal to rub hard while applying?? And she did this about 5 times I had to ask her to stop. Also skin under eye "crinkled" from her rubbing please see photo this has never appeared under my eye before.see the two lines going straight down towards the outside of the eye on your right-she caused these with the rubbing-should I be concerned? Thank you!

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Rubbing with VI Peel

Proper application of the VI Peel does involve some rubbing and even some burning. The fact that the use of a fan cooled your skin is a good sign. That wrinkly mark could be the peel itself, have you used the retinol aftercare towels yet? When you do make sure you apply even pressure. You can expect some peeling to begin by day three and for it to continue for 3-4 days. Do not "peel" the peel, allow it to exfoliate on it's own to prevent any darkening of the skin. You should contact the clinic who applied the peel if you are having any problems and if that line persists after you have finished peeling.

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Vi Peel

Vi Peel is applied with extensive rubbing and it does cause burning sensation. Once the outer layer of your skin peels off, it will highlight some imperfections. The wrinkles that I can see on both side of the face were probably highlighted with chemical peel, and after recovery they should be less visible. Do not peel the peel yourself, let it take its time to peel independently. Use the aftercare kit and wait it out. If you are not happy with the peel and service, contact your provider. Good luck!

Hardik Soni, MD
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