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Too Much Curve Post Rhinoplasty

6 Month Post Op Rhinoplasty-Still Waiting to Hear from my Surgeon, but Expert Opinions Would Be Really Appreciated, Many Thanks. The results of my op... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct a nose which curves to one side? I want to be more symmetrical. (photo)

I have always been bothered by my face being asymmetrical. I remember when I was 13 staring into mirrors and wondering why my face wasn't like... READ MORE

Results of Rhinoplasty for Curved Nose?

I got punched on the side of the nose and from that, the nasal bone was obviously decompressed on one side. It also made an obvious curve or slat. ... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix a Curved Nose? (photo)

In a side profile view, you can see that my nose curves unattractively. My question- how much would this cost to fix? I just want my nose to look... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Can my Deformed Nose be Fixed?

Hello , I am a 28 years old woman from Europe and I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago.The nose became much smaller, but it is very asymmetric/curved as... READ MORE

How do you Remove Curve Under Nose? (photo)

Is that curve under the nose bone or cartilage? A pre-op doctor told me that no bone (nasal spine I suppose) needs to be removed... But how do you get... READ MORE

Slight Curve V Straight Nose Which One Looks Better with the Age?

Hi I'm 22 and getting a revision rhinoplasty, I'm thinking of asking my doctor to put a slight curve in my nose, I was wondering how curved noses age... READ MORE

How Curved Does my Nose Seem, and What Can I Do to Get It Fixed? (photo)

I was mugged about a month ago and was punched in the nose at a side angle and cause my nose to be deviated. I had to have closed reduction and... READ MORE

How Much Will my Profile Change During the Months of Rhinoplasty?

I received rhinoplasty approximately 2 months. My nose had a huge hump and it curved down a lot at the bottom (before). I wanted my nose not... READ MORE

Use of Filler After Unsuccessful Septo-Rhinoplasty - Doctor Recommendation for Orange County, CA

Had septo rhinoplasty 3wks ago. Unhappy that I have same problem as b4. Which is a curve on 1 side and straight on other. I don't want anything... READ MORE

No Bumps in the Bridge, but No Natural Curve to my Nose, so It Seems to Jut out Perfectly Straight.16 Yrs Old, What Can I Do?

Im 16 years old and i believe i have a large nose. It doesnt contain any natural curves tough i also wouldnt go as far as saying that it has any... READ MORE

Slimming the Nose, How do I Get a Pixie Curve?

Hello, I am researching rhinoplasty to educate myself for future consultations (and detect any red flags in doctors). The whole procedure is... READ MORE

Is It Permanent That my Nose Will Stay Big?

My nose had changed abit after a faceplant on the skateboard 2 months later i got so obseesed with my nose one side was how it use to be and the other... READ MORE

Where is the Curve on my Nose? Am I Still Swollen?

Hello, I had closed rhinoplasty about 6 weeks ago. My doctor told me he created a slight curve... Although the bump I had is now gone, I have yet to... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Repair Cost and Procedure? (photo)

Hi i am sam, from india and i am having problem with my nose that it is curved as you can see in photo. I wanted to ask what money it is costing for... READ MORE

I want a perfect nose. I want the sides of my nose to curve inward when you look from the front. Can this be done? (Photo)

I'm 22 and always had a small nose but I want it shaped perfectly like kim kardashian very small elegant and symetrical.. The side view I don't mind... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Drastic Rhinoplasty

I would like to have my nose much thinner, less projected and with a slightly curved bridge and straight tip. I dislike my nose very much and would... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Should I add a tiny curve to my nose or keep it straight? (Photo)

I don't like my tip and hump at all, especially when I smile, because it gets more bigger and wider which is why I don't smile much, sadly. I went to... READ MORE

There was a dislocation in my nasal bone and now my nose is slightly curved towards left hand side of my face. (Photo)

It happened 4 years ago, I fell and my nose strike the table edge due to which I had a nasal fracture. It recovered but my nose dislocated towards... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Bump/odd Curve on my Nasal Bone? (photo)

Hello, my nose has a very odd curve or bump on it that makes it look odd from a 45 degree angle. Is there anyway you can make the nose look more,"... READ MORE

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