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How Do You Fix a Nose with a Bulbous Tip?

How is excess tissue removed from the tip of the nose? READ MORE

How Much Difference Will Reducing Bulbous Nose Tip Make?

Hi. I am considering getting Rhinoplasty (a "nose job") done to reduce the "bulbous-ness" at the tip of my nose. However, I am... READ MORE

Will Bulbous Nose After Pregnancy Return to Normal?

I have had 2 children in the past 3 years and my nose has become bigger and wider with each pregnancy. It has been now almost a year and a half after... READ MORE

Swelling and Changing Shape of Nose After Cast Removal

I had rhinoplasty done about a week and a half ago and I loved the way my nose looked immediately after cast / packing removal. It was very taut,... READ MORE

Nose Looks More Bulbous and Round After Rhinoplasty

I had an open rhinoplasty three weeks ago, and I'm concerned about the current results. My goal for the surgery was to remove the side and front... READ MORE

4 Months Post-op Rhinoplasty Nose Tip Still Bulbous, Could it Still be Swollen?

I had a bump shaved as well as bulbous tip refined. I am please with my nose however I find that the tip is still a little bulbous. Does it truly(in... READ MORE

Wide Nose. Can I Ever Get an Skinny One? (photo)

My nose is huge from the front its flat and has no tip at all. It looks good from the side but not from the front. I'm 18 and its done growing. can I... READ MORE

Will Fixing Bulbous Tip Make the Nose Look Thinner?

I have a bulbous tip nose. I want to get my nose to have a normal tip but also want it to look thinner. If I get the bulbous tip fixed, will my nose... READ MORE

Can my Wide, Bulbous Nose Be Reduced in Size?

I have a wide, bulbous nose and I was wondering if with Rhinoplasty I can reduce my nose to something like the picture below. I want my results to... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to Slim my Bulbous Nose? Tip? (photo)

Thanks in advance for any insight. I am a 45 year old women who is seeking a primary rhinoplasty to mostly reduce the tip of my nose. Due to my age, I... READ MORE

Is Tip Plasty the Right Procedure for a Bulbous, Wide Nose?

I find that my nose becomes very bulbous and wide, particularly when smiling and I was hoping that this could be refined to become more defined and... READ MORE

Alar Width Reduction or a Weir Excision for Wide, Bulbous Nose?

Along with the width of my nose, I really don't like the tip as well it is quite bulbous, the problem is that from side pictures it is very... READ MORE

My Nose Keeps Growing at the Age of 30. Will a Nose Job Make It Stop?

I'm very upset with what's happening to my nose. It continues to grow and its very noticable. The tip is bulbous. I think its a hormone... READ MORE

My Nose is Bulbous and Nasal Tip is Overprojected Due to Fat, What Can Be Done to Improve It?

I am indian and have thick skin.However I think my nose is bulbous because of fat under the skin and not the skin itself. READ MORE

Cost for Surgery to Correct Profile and Bulbous Tip?

Hi I'm an 18 year old female who has been wanting to correct my nose for years now. I know my nose is bulbous from the front view. I feel the... READ MORE

How Do I Reduce the Size of my Nose? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old male & I'm wondering what surgery I'd have go through to make my nose look less big from the front. I think my nose looks fine... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Deviated Septum - Singing Voice?

I hate my nose. I have a bump on the bridge, the tip is bulbous and protrudes outwards. I can't breathe well and I'm 99% sure it's because of a... READ MORE

Bulbous Nose and Retracted Nostrils 3 Months After Rhinoplasty, Am I Looking at the Final Results?

It's been 3 months since my (tip deprojection) rhinoplasty and my nose is bulbous as compared to before rhinoplasty. I also appear to have some... READ MORE

What Type of Nose Surgery is Best to Reduce a Rather Wide Nose and Bulbous Tip?

I have a lot of questions, but let me stick with this- What type of nose surgery would be best for my nose, and what kind of result can I expect??... READ MORE

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