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How to Decrease Indentation and High Nostril Crease After 1st Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplast one year ago. It looks like I have a pinched tip. The supra alar crease is extremely deep and pronouned, running far up the nose. How... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty in New York

8 years since rhinoplasty. tip asymmetry baseline, surgeon did no correction. smoothed bump on bridge (which I now think lacks definition from frontal... READ MORE

I have dark discoloration post rhinoplasty. Will it go away? (photo)

Hi Drs. I am almost 3 weeks post revision rhino and ever since the cast came off I've had a dark spot at the side of my tip. At first I thought it was... READ MORE

What is This Indent in my Nose After Revision Rhinoplasty About? (photo)

Hi, I just had a revision done and my nose now seems to have a number of new problems, whats bothering me the most is this extremely obvious indent in... READ MORE

Prominent Indented Columella Scar. What Are my Treatment Options? (photo)

Hello, I had rhinoplasty several years ago and have become growingly self-concious about my indented columella. Ideally, I would like to have... READ MORE

Slight Indentation After Steroid Injected into Supratip, Is this Permanent? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove excess cartilage that resulted in a pollybeak deformity (supra-tip issue). After surgery my supra-tip... READ MORE

Round Tip Post Rev Rhinoplasty - Improvements Possible? (photo)

I am two months out from revision rhinoplasty and fear I am stuck with a nose which will never be satisfactory. My tip has always been large and... READ MORE

Visible indented uneven graft on bridge of nose, what are my options? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty 7 months ago, with a respected revision surgeon, to correct an over-resected bridge. A septal cartilage graft was placed on... READ MORE

Can an Ice Pack Applied 72 Hours After a Tip Revision Rhinoplasty Alter the Cartilage?

Hello. I had my cast removed 72 hours after a tip revision. i applied a small bag of frozen corn to my nose at the intersection of where the bone is... READ MORE

How best to fill in these dents on my nose? (photos)

I have had three revisions, cortisone got rid of scar tissue but had left dents. Last week I had fat transfer which helper but i still have dents and... READ MORE

Bump Due to Callus? Or Too Much Tip Reduction? (photo)

It's been exactly 2 weeks since my revision Rhino. I did hump removal and Tip refinement. I know I'm going to be told it's too early to determine, but... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of my nose? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty at age 17. old. I had later I had a deviated septum and a polyp removed at age 36. I am currently 38 years old. My nose is not... READ MORE

Need Revision Rhinoplasty, I Guess Spreader Grafts, I Don't Know That's Why Im Here? (photo)

Have indents/collapse on nose after primary rhino 10yrs ago.I SAID DID NOTwant bone work but was done(no open roof,he just thought it... READ MORE

Kenalog likely need revision. Is it risky if I still have dents/indentations from previous injections in my rhino? (photo)

Considering revision to correct supra tip. Last kenalog injection of 40 mg by irresponsible surgeon left me with permanent dents even after 10 yrs... READ MORE

Supratip Indent 2 Months Post?

I am 2 months post-op and have a DEEP indent above my nasal tip/supratip area. My nose was overrotated (via septocolumellar sutures) & I received... READ MORE

How to fix indented skin near nose tip? (photos)

I had a revision just over 3 months ago which involved refining the right side of the tip. There is now a triangular patch which looks indented near... READ MORE

Do I appear to still have swelling? Why does my nose bend to one side? What are the indentations above my nostrils? (photo)

I am 11 days post-revision rhinoplasty for my tip to be uplifted and 'polybeak' removed. My nose was not broken (unlike my primary rhinoplasty).... READ MORE

I have previous poor results. I Have Breathing Issues from a Septoplasty and Cosmetic Issues from a Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've had two rhinoplasty's/septoplasty's with very poor results. The Dr. removed an inordinate amount of cartilage from my nose causing a breathing... READ MORE

Seeking my normal nose, where top of bridge narrowed down to mid vault, where it indented on right then widened to tip. (photo)

I am a 29 yrold male and have had 3 rhinoplasties. They all look off because I have sharp face with both sides of face different sizes. For my nose to... READ MORE

Second Rhino to Remove Scar Tissue and Drooping Tip, Now Have Indentation?

I had a second rhino in 08 to remove scar tissue on the bridge of my nose that grew back after the first rhino in 2000, as well as to fix the drooping... READ MORE

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