How Many Units of Botox Can Go Into a Syringe?

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Botox Units in Syringe

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists vary somewhat how they prepare Botox Cosmetic. Typically, a range from approximately 10 to 40 units are placed in 1cc syringes for each patient. Some facial areas require more Botox than others for wrinkle reduction. Speak with your Botox specialist for any concerns or questions you have.


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Botox Units

Botox is usually dispensed and placed into muscles of the face based on the number of units.   Every vial of Botox Cosmetic starts with either 100 units per vial or 50 units per vial.  The product is then diluted out with sterile saline.  The amount of saline added to the vial then determines the concentration of Botox in that particular vial.  As an example, I always add 2 cc of normal saline to 100 units of Botox for facial injections.  This results in 5 units of Botox per every 0.1cc of solution.  The size of the syringe then determines how many total units can be drawn into the syringe.  So, as an example, if I am going to place 25 units into your entire corrugator complex of muscles in your mid-brow, I would draw up 0.5 cc of product to achieve that dosing.     Just remember, never let someone tell you how much volume they are injecting as that tells you nothing about units, unless of course you know what dilution they are using.   It is all about units used.

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Botox and dosing

This is varied from practice to practice and during your initial consultation, ensure you are well-informed and comfortable with your provider before treatment!

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Units per syringe

The answer to your question will vary based on the dilution and the size of the syringe.  Botox is diluted with saline solution before injection.  Depending on the dilution used, the amount of units will vary.  When in doubt, ask your doctor on how they reconstitute their Botox.


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Botox and units

There are many different ways to dilute Botox. Furthermore, I only use what I need to get the desired result and therefore do not fill the syringes the same for every patient. 

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How much Botox fits into a syringe?

I calculate fees for Botox based on the number of units injected.  Botox is delivered in powder form and is resuspended in the office using normal saline.  It is possible for physicians to use different concentrations which will affect the amount in the syringe.  Facial fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse, are sold prepackaged by the syringe and do not require reconstitution. 

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How Many Units of Botox Can Go Into a Syringe?

I agree with my colleagues. Botox is shipped as a powder and is resuspended in saline. The dilution and the volume of the syringe affect the number of units in the syringe. We treat with the optimal number of units to achieve a given result. This is independent of the size of the syringe or dilution of the Botox. Dermal filler, on the other hand, which is used to fill lines and wrinkles and plump the face comes in syringes typically containing 1 - 1.5mL depending upon the product. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Units of Botox in a syringe will vary

The units of Botox in a syringe will vary according to the dilution of the Botox and the size of the syringe. Botox is packaged as a dry powder that is then mixed with a saline solution (so the more saline solution added, the lower the concentration of Botox). The doctor should tell you how many units of Botox are being injected.

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Units of botox vary from physician to physician

Depending on the number of ccs of saline that is used to mix the Botox powder, the same number of ccs of the liquid in one syringe vs. another could have different numbers of units of Botox. Some doctors might have prefilled syringes with certain amounts, but in my practice I examine each of my patients immediately prior to their treatment and decide how many units I need and then those are drawn up into the syringe. Some patients would only need less then a 1/10th of a 1 cc. syringe and others might need 7/10ths. In other words, it is the number of units administered that is most important in discussing Botox.

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Botox Units

The answer to this question will vary depending on the dilution and the size of the syringe that is being used.   A vial of Botox typically has 100 units.   Physicians vary slightly on the dilutions but most dermatologists and plastic surgeons use a 1cc syringe.

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