Uneven Eyebrows After Botox?

2 weeks ago I received 44units of Botox in my forehead,glabella & the sides of my eyes and notice that now my RIGHT eyebrow raises higher than the left when making expressions. Otherwise they appear even. Today I went back to my dr who injected 2 units at the outer edge of my LEFT brow (which barely moves as is). I've been going to the same board certified plastic surgeon for 2 yrs & this is the first time asymmetry has occurred. Was this the correct course of action to make my brows even?

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Correcting asymmetry after Botox

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You are describing asymmetry that may occur after administration of Botox. correction should be done at two weeks after initial injection. The treatment to the left brow is done to help raise the lateral portion of the brow. If you still have strong muscle activity of the frontalis muscle on the right side it maybe advised to add Botox to the area with that activity on the right forehead.


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Appropriate treatment

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This is not an  uncommon result and easily corrected, as they did.

When selecting a physician for treatment keep in mind the most important thing about a Botox Cosmetic treatment is not necessarily the cost, but the physician doing it.

Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD
Minneapolis Dermatologic Surgeon

Adjustments with Botox for asymmetric eyebrows

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Asymmetry happens even with the most experienced providers. It may be as a result of different reasons, but if one eyebrow is more elevated than the other, depending on the anatomy and the location of the wrinkles, the side that's elevated might be relaxed more by adding 1 or 2 units above the area. Some times, though, it is too close to the eyebrow and rather than risking a brow droop along with the eyelid, the other side might be raised more to make it symmetric with the other side.

The evaluation should be done in-person to examine the individual with different expressions, and then it can be determined which is the best course of treatment.

The information provided in Dr. Shelton's answer is for educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice.  The information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with a qualified health professional who may be familiar with your individual medical needs.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox for browlift

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Asymmetry can occur with the injection of Botox into the forehead.  The good news is that it is typically easily resolved with appropriate placement of small amounts of product to resolve the issue.  I would recommend giving the latest injections a full two weeks to work and then return to your plastic surgeon if you are still unhappy with the appearance of your forehead.

 Best Regards,

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD
Pensacola Facial Plastic Surgeon

Botox to correct uneven brows

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Your PS injected your left brow to try to raise it.  Wait 2 weeks and if your right eyebrow is still higher, return to the PS who will inject a small amount of Botox above your right eyebrow to even your brows.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Botox touch up to correct asymmetry of brow

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Injecting a couple of units 2 weeks after treatment is appropriate for correcting asymmetry from the treatment.  Your PS was attempting to raise your left brow to match the height of the right.  However, from what you write, it sounds as though the problem is that your left brow does not raise as high as your right but they are even at rest, so the treatment to even them out would be to place a little Botox in the right side of your forehead to limit the amount your right brow raises.

Lawrence Osman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Asymmetry After Botox

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Asymmetry can occur with botox, and the way it was handled is in keeping with what most would do.  I would give it 2 weeks to take full effect. If you're still unhappy, visit your plastic surgeon for correction. Good luck! 

Sabrina Fabi, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Uneven brows after Botox can be fixed

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The left/right discussion has me a bit confused, and usually when a patient calls, we just need to see them to evaluate.  If one brow is raised when the forehead is at rest it usually takes a couple of units in that pleated muscle over the raised brow to bring it back down.  If it raises higher when the forehead is in motion it may require some balancing of not only the frontalis muscle(forehead)on both sides but can also result in balancing the dynamics of the brow depressors as well.   One look is worth a thousand words.  Go back and let them assess and balance it out.  I personally always do that at no charge if it happens.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox and brows

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Usually one brow is stronger than the other and as a result may require different amounts o botox.  In addition sometimes it is injected too low on one side. Best to be evaluated in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven eyebrows after Botox

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If your brows are now back to pre-treatment symmetry, then it was the correct treatment, if after a week post-injection you have persistent asymmetry, then you may need additional evaluation and treatment.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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