Can a Tummy Tuck Be Paid for by OHIP?


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Not knowing what these initials represent, I googled it and found it is Ontario Health Insurance Plan.  Googling that plus tummy tuck or abdominoplasty I find several message boards with discussions, that you can read.

In short it seems that with sufficient symptoms they may cover removal of overhanging skin (panniculectomy) but not a full tummy tuck. 

See your primary physician to work within your system to find out. 

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Ohip coverage for Tummy Tucks

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OHIP provides coverage for a procedure called a panniculectomy.  A panniculectomy is a procedure to remove hanging skin only.  It differs from tummy tuck surgery in that a tummy tuck tightens the muscle as well as removes excess skin and fat but a panniculectomy only removes excess skin. 

In my experience I have found that patients who choose to have a panniculectomy are not completely satisfied with the results. For this reason I recommend that patients, even those who have experienced a massive weight loss, to consider a tummy tuck procedure as the results are more aesthetically pleasing.


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