I Had a Tummy Tuck in 2002 and After Wards I Started Having Digestive Issues, It's Been 10 Years Now?

I feel alot of pressure right above my belly button and have digestive issues can this be caused by tighting my muscles to tight or from scar tissue and it maybe pressing down on my abdomen? I can't eat much now either it is getting worse please help

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See a gastroenterologist

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Once the possibility of a hernia is ruled out either by your plastic surgeon or a general surgeon, I would recommend visiting a gastroenterologist to diagnose and treat an problem related to your digestive tract.  A tummy tuck may have just made a very insignificant problem more significant by reducing the volume of abdomen.  Never let a medical problem that causes you daily symptoms to go unevaluated.  

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Digestive Issues after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced. However, given your description,  I think you will be better off seeking consultation with well experienced gastrointestinal specialists in person. It is unlikely that the tummy tuck surgery is the culprit for the "digestive issues”  you are experiencing.   Having said that, however it will not hurt for you to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon as well.  Both of these specialists should be able to help you much more than online consultants will be able to do.

Best wishes.

Tummy tuck should not give you digestive problems.

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You need to see your internist and have your digestive issues figured out, because it is very unlikely that they are the result of the tummy tuck.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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