Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty Due to Smoking ?

Good morning, I had my nose done exactly two weeks ago, but my nose is still really swollen compared to other people who have done rhinoplasty on the same day; but I do want to say that I smoked 5 days before my surgery. Is my nose going to take more time to heal because of the cigarettes smoked few days before the surgery ? Approximately how long will it take for the swelling to go away? Do you recommend anything to reduce this swelling? Thank you and have a great day

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Smoking probably has no effect on swelling after rhinoplasty.

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I can't see how smoking would have a significant effect on swelling after rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, if you want against the instructions of your surgeon you will live with the consequences.

Swelling will be different from one individual to the next

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Thank you for the question.  Smoking and nicotine can affect healing after surgery.  If you have healed well and have not developed an infection or a wound you have avoided the major concerns with regards to smoking and healing after surgery.  Since swelling may be different among individuals it is hard to know whether the cigarettes made a difference or whether the difference in swelling between yourself and the other that you are comparing yourself to would have been there anyways.

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Smoking and swelling after a rhinoplasty

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Smoking is bad for healing and may lead to prolonged swelling. That being said, the 3 weeks after surgery are the time of the most intense swelling. After the third week, the swelling starts to come down dramatically. Its difficult to say why your swollen, as everyone is different. For now relax and let the healing take place.

Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty Due to Smoking ?

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Dear Green,

Thank you for your question.  It if very common to be swollen 2 weeks after surgery, and the swelling is exacerbated by smoking.  Avoid smoking, and follow your surgeons post-op protocol.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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