Can you get Kybella injections if you have previously had facelift surgery?

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Prior Facelift Surgery Is Not A Contraindication To Treatment With Kybella

Facelift surgery is not a contraindication to treatment with Kybella. Certainly residual submental fat can sometimes be left after a facelift or necklift. In addition, submental fat can reaccumulate as time passes after these procedures.  The indication for treatment with Kybella is excess submental fat, ideally allied with good skin elasticity to achieve an optimal result from treatment.  

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Kybella after facelift

Good question.   If you neck and pre-platysmal fat was not addressed during your facelift then kybella is a good option for you.  I would consult with an experienced injector. 

Kybella and Facelift

There is no contraindication to having Kybella if you had a previous facelift.  In fact, it can help if there is a small area that needs to be threatened and tightened.  Best, Dr. Green

Double Chin Treatments with KYBELLA

Submental fullness, sometimes referred to as “double chin”, is a common yet undertreated facial aesthetic condition.  The prescription medication is used to target subcutaneous fat under the chin that won't go away with exercise, diet or even surgery.  Having had previous surgeries , does not in any way , interfere with the results that KYBELLA has to offer.

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Kybella after facelift

If you have a pocket of submental fat, this may be a nice option for you. There is some debate about Kybella after face or neck lifting and its efficacy, but I would discuss it with your surgeon.

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Kybella After Previous Facelift

Absolutely! Having had a previous facelift is not going to affect whether or not you are a good candidate for Kybella. It’s possible that after a facelift procedure, patients will still have some submental fat under their chin, which is exactly what Kybella is indicated for. Kybella is a great way to address these concerns without having to undergo surgery. I suggest scheduling a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss Kybella and to create a customized treatment plan for you.

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Kybella after having a facelift

Yes, patients who have previously had a facelift are still able to get Kybella injections. Ulthera may also be an option to help firm the submental (under chin) area. Both are great non-surgical treatments that can be discussed at a consult with a qualified provider.

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Kybella after a Facelift

If there is a fat pad remaining under the chin in spite of having had surgery, Kybella injections can help.  Of course, you should have an evaluation by someone experienced with Kybella to learn more about whether this treatment will work for you.  Good Luck!

Kybella after facelift

Kybella  can be used safely after a prior facelift, necklift, or even submental liposuction procedure. It is important to make sure that your physician is aware of these prior procedures on your neck, which they should be asking  about at length anyway. 

Timing after your prior procedure is important, and I would make sure that you wait until your previous procedure is completely healed and settled before considering injections. 

To ensure you are receiving the highest level of care, seek out a dermatologic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is board certified and fellowship trained in one of these "core four" cosmetic specialties.

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Kybella can be used for a fat neck after a facelift

If your plastic surgeon agrees that you have healed sufficiently after a face / neck lift, then Kybella can be injected to reduce residual fat deposits in the neck should they persist.  Although most plastic surgeons attempt to address this at the time of a face / neck lift with liposuction, there may be reasons that neck fat reduction is staged and not done, or not done sufficiently during the surgery.

Should you consider having another physician treat you with Kybella, you should get your plastic surgeon's approval to make certain there are no reasons to avoid such treatment based on what your surgeon experienced during your surgery and convalescence.

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