5 weeks post op Liposuction, is there anyway to speed up the process of getting rid of the numbness around my waist and stomach?

Wearing the garment at night now only. Told I needed it for just 4 weeks.

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Numbness post lipo

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This will go down with time and it will vary from patient to patient.Heat and massage will speed up the process.

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The numbness that is associated with liposuction generally resolves with time after 6 months to one year.

Numbness after liposuction

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When you have liposuction you will have a nerve injury after the procedure this occurs from the trauma during this liposuction and the swelling that takes place after.  After injury winners will stop working for short period of time and then as they heal they will work too much and you'll be hypersensitive.

Just like with any nerve injury if you went to rehab or hand therapy they would do therapy to help the nerves recover as fast as possible. What you can do is use a cloth with texture like a terry cloth and lightly touch these areas in order to retrain the nerves on how to respond to soft touch. Most the time it's the back and waist that take the longest to recover.

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No,not really. It will change more and more as time passes by. Remeber, your recover is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. It would be unusual for this to become a long term issue.

There is no way to hasten the convalescence after liposuction.

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The healing process after any procedure including liposuction is driven by basic body processes in large part genetically determined. Avoid trauma to the area and leave the rest to mother nature.

Numbness after liposuction

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Numbness is often related to swelling after liposuction.  Wearing a good compression garment may help, especially after increased activity.  Also, avoiding high salt foods such as canned soup or chips will help keep swelling at bay.  It will take months for all swelling to go away, and you will also get intermittent swelling related to increased activity.  

Roxanne Sylora, MD
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Speeding up liposuction recovery

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There is no way to speed up this recovery.

The numbness is from swelling around the nerves.
The swelling subsides on its own schedule -
It varies from person to person.

On average swelling is mostly gone and feeling comes back by six months.
For some people it takes 18 months - I know for a fact because I am one of these people.

Post op recovery

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Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up the recovery process after liposuction. It is not uncommon to experience numbness and swelling in the area of surgery, and should improve with a little time. Be patient with yourself. Good luck

Sumanth Pagadala, MD
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5 weeks post op Liposuction, is there anyway to speed up the process of getting rid of the numbness around my waist and stomach

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Everyone heals at different rates. You might be a longer healer in time. Best to allow a full 12 weeks of healing... 

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