Am I a candidate for Rhinoplasty? What options are available?

My nose has been crooked for as long as I can remember. There were no injuries, and you can even see it was crooked in photos of me as a child. I do not like my nose head-on and from the left side. The right side of my nose is not so bad, when photos are taken at an angle. I also have a little bump on my nose, which I am not a fan of. What type of procedure could correct a crooked nose? Maybe it isn't just my nose, but when I look in the mirror all I see is dissymmetry. Please and thank you!

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Am I a candidate for Rhinoplasty? What options are available? (Photo)

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Hi and thanks for your question.IMHO you are a very good candidate for a rhinoplasty. I perform all of my primary rhinoplasties with the closed method. I would also suggest you think about a chin implant to bring more harmony to your profile.

As far as to who should performed your depends more than anything on the experience of the surgeon. That's why it's so important that you be able to see allot of photos before and after. You want to be able to urge the whole of the work. I make a comparison to baseball. Think about this. Would you rather have a player on your team that hits a home run once in awhile or one that has a consistent average? There are some excellent facial plastic surgeons as there are plastic surgeons who do beautiful nasal work. When it comes to your nose, it's is imperative that you research as much as you possibly can before making your decision. This is your face and there no covering it up.

I wish you the best on your journey. I hope that the info provided has been helpful. Should you require any further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us. I personally conduct all the consultations and formulate an individual operative plan based on physical findings. We are one of only a few in South Florida that employ a web based program called TouchMD. Through this program potential patients from as far away as California can upload their photos. I then review each and everyone and draw my recommendations on your actual picture. This info is made available to you with the use of a private password that only you will have. TouchMD is private and follows all applicable privacy laws (HIPPA). I answer all questions personally, not through patient coordinators or other marketing individuals.

good luck, Dr PG

Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose

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A crooked nose and bump on the nose are common reasons patients seek consultation for rhinoplasty.  When the bump is small this can be surgically smoothed with a more limited procedure.  With a larger bump or to straighten the bones of the nose, the nasal bones and cartilage need to be straightened which leads to slightly more swelling recovery.  It depends on the degree of deviation of the nasal septum and if there are associated breathing problems to determine which procedure is best for you.  I recommend you see a surgeon with extensive experience in rhinoplasty who can address both the appearance and any potential breathing concerns. 

Jill Hessler, MD
Palo Alto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Closed Rhinoplasty

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I understand your concerns, and these can be easily corrected. I feel you would benefit from a minimally invasive surgical procedure that has little downtime, no visible incisions or scars, no packing, and no pain. You would achieve wonderful, natural looking results. Please make sure to consult with a physician who has years of experience in facial cosmetic surgeries and closed rhinoplasty.

good luck!

H. George Brennan, MD, FACS
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Am I a candidate for Rhinoplasty? What options are available?

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  Hi, I have performed and taught Rhinoplasty for 30 years.  From the photos your nose is deviated to the right with a slight dorsal hump and a wide nasal tip.  The chin is also weak as seen on the profile view.  Rhinoplasty can reduce the dorsal hump, narrow and refine the bridge and nasal tip making the nose straighter and more naturally attractive.  The weak chin can be addressed at the same time and I have often performed chin implant placement with Rhinoplasty.  A weak chin creates an imbalance between the mid and lower face making the nose appear larger and the mid face look top heavy.  Chin augmentation, with a chin implant, will add projection, creating harmony and balance to the lower face.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty Candidate

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Dear lexisinger1, You  are an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty surgery which would help to  address all of your above mentioned concerns. I suggest seeking consultation with experts in the field of rhinoplasty surgery and during consultation you can have digital imaging performed which will show you the proposed surgical results. It is very common to have a particular angle of the face or side of the face that photographs better and facial asymmetry is commonly addressed in rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery would help in refining your tip, addressing your septum, and reducing the slight dorsal hump while allowing you a natural looking nose. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Options for Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Your first and best option is the selection of an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. You should consider removal of your slight hump, straightening your nose including the septum which is causing the nostril asymmetry, refining your wide asymmetrical tip.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty will help you

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Rhinoplasty is rhinoplasty. Some do it open others do it closed. Both these approaches are applicable to you. All your mentioned issues can be fixed with rhinoplasty.  You need to see a plastic surgeon in person for futher guidance.

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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It might be possible to achieve your goals.  The photos do not show everything real well. I suggest that you go to a plastic surgeon for a proper evaluation.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a candidate for Rhinoplasty? What options are available?

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A person's decision to change and hopefully improve anatomic aspect of their body is a personal choice. No one can really tell you what you need - you can only articulate your desires and a qualified Plastic Surgeon can render an opinion as to how that can be achieved. Your nose can be improved and straightened. I personally use a closed technique and would do so in your case. I would like to see the tip more refined, the middle third reduced and the profile although not exceptionally displeasing can be brought closer to your face giving you a more delicate and refined look. Seek an experienced Board Certified PS with expertise in Rhinoplasty.

Deviated nose

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Hi - 
You are a good candidate for a repositioning rhinoplasty.   Your nasal septum is overgrown causing the deviation, curvature and pulls a little on the lip.  The best way to deal with this is from inside the nose to reduce the size of the septum and bridge and reposition the septum and nose to the midline.  Grafts and external incisions are unnecessary. 

Howard Stupak, MD
Westport Facial Plastic Surgeon

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