Is It Normal to Feel Vibrating, Gurgling, or Bubbling from my Breast After a Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

it almost feels as if the implant is moving down to settle in the pocket, is this normal and if so, how long should I expect this?

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Unusual sounds from breast after implants

Air and fluid normally persist around the implants for up to two to three weeks which may create unusual sounds such as crackling, crunching, gurgling, squeaking, bubbling, vibrating and can even create the sensation of rice crispies under the skin.  

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Different sounds/feelings after breast augmentation.

There is always a small amount of air and fluid around a breast implant following augmentation. This is present for a few weeks after surgery and is then reabsorbed. The combination can create all sorts of strange sounds such as the ones you are experiencing. It should stop after a few weeks.

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Normal finding that will resolve on its own

This sensation is normal after sub muscular augmentation.  Not all patients experience, but it is not in any way dangerous.  It will go away over a period of months.

Is It Normal to Feel Vibrating, Gurgling, or Bubbling from my Breast After a Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

What you are describing is quite commonly described after breast surgery.  The sensation of air trapped in the tissues is also commonly described. However, any significant increase in swelling/size would be of concern.

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Noises after augmentation

There is air in your tissues around the implant after augmentation - it can be normal to feel crackling or hear some noises. This will resolve over the first few weeks. If you have more swelling or fluid see your plastic surgeon. 

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Strange sensations and sounds early after breast augmentation

It is totally normal to hear strange fluid sounds early after breast augmentation.  These are harmless and always go away.

Strange sensations after breast augmentation

For concerns post operatively I would consult with your plastic surgeon. However, sounds of air and fluid are normal shortly after a breast augmentation.

Why Can I Hear My Breasts?

It is normal to hear sloshing or gurgling in the early period after breast augmentation. This is usually from a combination of air and fluid that is in the implant pocket. This is not unusual after a breast augmentation. The body will absorb this, and after a couple weeks it should no longer be an issue.

Hope that helps!

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Breast Augmentation

Air of fluid in the implant pocket can occassionally create noises during the first few weeks postop.  It is important for you doctor to closely monitor this to ensure it resolves.

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Gurgle after aug

The key question is how long post op are you?There may be some fluid in your implant pocket that may cause this sound but it will go away eventually.

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