Is It Important to Use Sport Bra After Breast Augmentation?

I had my breast augmentation recently. I was wondering if I have to use sport bra after surgery or it's enough to use (elastic band)doctor gave to me. My implants are Silicone Natrelle 421cc. If I don't use sport bra, my silicone are going to look down? Frankly speaking I don't know what size I have to use ( S, M, L or XL?). Thank you for your time. I'll thank you for your soon response.

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Sports bra after breast enlargement--Pros and Cons.

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Some surgeons use compression to reduce swelling, bruising, and/or bleeding after breast augmentation surgery. I believe careful surgery and control of all bleeding at the time of surgery is preferable to a tight wrap or surgical bra after surgery, as I feel even a small amount of bleeding can increase the risk of capsular contracture. Other surgeons may use a bra to maintain position, hoping to minimize the potential for implants "dropping" too low or "bottoming out" over time.

I prefer to try to position the implants slightly higher than the desired final position, knowing that gravity affects 100% of patients, and that most if not all patients will experience some implant "dropping" as they heal and their tissues stretch and soften. I use an elastic band at night to help keep the implants in a good position and to help reduce the risk of implant displacement into the armpit or other unwanted position as you unavoidably move and roll in your sleep. I have my patients go braless during the day to prevent medial cleavage stretch (symmastia), their pocket closing down on the sides, and to allow implants to drop into their final desired aesthetic position.

Once we are at the desired (or almost so, depending on how fast we get here) position, I discontinue the elastic band and have patients wear a supportive rather than compressive bra to help "keep them there." In general I am not a fan of stretch bras as they simply tend to squish the breasts centrally, potentially increasing the risk of symmastia ("uniboob"). Implant movement exercises are prescribed immediately after surgery to maintain the surgical implant pocket larger than the implant, which keeps the "feel" soft, and normal breast (and implant) movement when the patient reclines.

For now, ask your doctor what he/she prefers (and perhaps why?), and follow that advice. Good luck and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

What type of bra to wear after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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I would agree with many of the other surgeons, that it is always best to follow your own surgeon's routine,  Your surgeon will know you, and the type of surgery the best, and will have your best interests at heart.  The wearing of an elastic band after breast augmentation is common, especially when the implants have been placed underneath the pectoralis muscle.  Implants can ride a little high at first, so an elastic band is often used at first to help encourage the implants to drop a small amount.  A sports bra is also commonly used, so either will be appropriate.  I generally discourage an underwire bra for the first few months, because the underwire can irritate the chest in some patient.  Best wishes.

Michael Vincent, MD, FACS

Michael Vincent, MD
Rockville Plastic Surgeon

Sports Bra After Breast Implant Surgery

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As you can see from the other responses, we all have our own routines as far as the post-operative garments our patients wear. Your own surgeon is no different and like the old saying goes, "There are a million ways to skin a cat!"

The most important thing about a post-operative garment is that it provides support and is comfortable. The only thing I do not let my patients use right after a breast augmentation is an underwire bra. Underwires can work against the implant as it tries to settle downwards.

Hope that helps!

Dr. Babak Dadvand

Sports bra after aug

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I always have my patients wear a sports bra after their surgery to give them some support which adds to their comfort.At times they wear a breast strap to keep the implants from riding too high.

Sports bra after breast augmentation?

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Always follow your Plastic Surgeon's postoperative instructions. They performed the procedure and have intimate knowledge of what was done and what they wanted to accomplish. I will vary my postoperative instructions on a patient-to-patient basis, as should every Plastic Surgeon. 

One thing I don't vary is postoperative support:

Bigger breasts mean heavier breasts. Gravity pulls more on heavier things. Just because you are lying down doesn't mean you are affected less by gravity.

A properly fitted and sized bra will make you more comfortable, and be more supportive, giving you better long term results.  

You need to wear some type of supportive bra awake and asleep except for rare occasions... then it's ok. 

Need for compression bra after breast implant augmentation

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There are a variety of reasons for why some surgeons use a compression bra after surgery that may have an effect on the final result while other surgeons do not feel they are necessary. From your description it is difficult to know which is the case. In most instances, they are not necessary but provide great relief while exercising or during activity. Consult with your surgeon regarding the need for the bra in your unique instance.

Sports Bra after Breast Augmentation

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I generally recommend a soft support bra for 4 weeks to maintain the position of the implant.   As long as the bra is offering enough support and without wire, it should not affect your overall result.   If not discussed in the preoperative consult or written in the post op instructions, call your plastic surgeons office to find out their protocol.   

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery!!

Paul S. Gill, M.D.

Gill Plastic Surgery

Houston Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Sports bra after breast augmentation

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Always best to follow your Plastic Surgeons protocol.  Each of us may have a different technique.  Further, your individual tissues may have necessitated a different dissection or protocol.  In our office, we like the patients to wear the sports bra for some time, even at night.  Call your Plastic Surgeon and ask.  They want you to have a good result, so they want you to wear the right thing for your recovery.

A quick phone call to your surgeon is all you need.

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For simple issues such as what post-operative bra to wear, simply call your Plastic Surgeon. He/She has a prescribed routine which they will have each patient follow according to what was done at surgery and the individual patient needs. Some surgeons like sports bras, others prefer cup bras. Either way, your surgeon will likely want you in some sort of support for at least 4-6 weeks.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation: Comfortable Post-operative Care

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After breast augmentation surgery, no matter what type of breast implant or size, you should be comfortable. Sports bras are nice because they provide some support and are soft without an underwire, but really for the first 3 weeks I leave it up to what ever the patient feels comfortable. Most like the support of a bra and until the implants settle and the incisions are healed a regular bra may be difficult. Bands make no difference, and are usually not effective. Implant position is dictated on the operative pocket dissection and the implant size.

I hope this helps.

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