Is fat grafting appropriate for underdeveloped right pectoral muscle? (Photos)

My right pectoral muscle is roughly half the size of the left. I believe it is due to Poland's syndrome. I've looked into pec implants and have ruled them out due to possible implant shifting concerns. I'd like to know if fat grafting would be sufficient to give the left pec the same shape as the right. My main concern is having the same contouring on the lower edge of both pec muscles. Is it possible to shape the fat to create this contouring or is a pec implant necessary for that?

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Right Pectoral Implant

While fat grafting can be done for pectoral augmentation, it will not create as good as muscle definition as an implant. It tend to make body areas look fuller and rounder and will grow in size if you gain weight. (presuming that the fat actually survives the transplantation process. A modified pectoral implant works better and is a permanent solution. The issue of of shifting can be circumvented by the use of perfusion holes placed in the implant.

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Is fat grafting appropriate for underdeveloped right pectoral muscle?

It's difficult to answer without examining you in person, but based on your photographs it appears that you could have a nice result with fat transfer. Fat is typically harvested from the abdomen are hip it is transferred to the chest using small cannulas. The incisions are small and tend to heal nicely.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Correct poland syndrome

Your Poland syndrome chest contour deformity can be corrected using a combination of fat grafting to the right and maybe slight reduction of the left chest with liposuction. Basically, you can even out your breast size and contour by removing from the left to improve the right; You can expect significant improvement with procedure that we use for male breast reduction techniques. 

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Is fat grafting appropriate for underdeveloped right pectoral muscle?

While a definitive answer could only be given after an examination, it appears from your photos that you should get a good improvement to your asymmetry with fat transfer. In your situation there are two limitations. 1) How much fat you have available to harvest. 2) How tight the skin is in the right chest area. From your photos I suspect that you will have enough fat around the waist for sufficient volume. How stretchable the skin is will probably be the real issue. It is quite possible that you may need to stage the injections for the best result. 

Curtis Perry, MD
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

with this type of chest see my youtube video on male hi def. I so liposuction/etching, gland removal and fat grafting to the upper pole to get a squared defined look.  This can be accomplished with a VASER HI DEF procedure but an in person consultation is needed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Pectoral zone asymmetry and what to do about it

I think an examination with a plastic surgeon would be important - you do appear to have differences in pectoral zone soft tissue - a composite of skin/glandular tissue/fat/muscle - it may be that you have some excess glandular tissue (gynecomastia) on your left side (right side of the photo) and that your pec development is in fact symmetric. The solution to gynecomastia is a subcutaneous resection of the glandular tissue coupled with some liposuction of the entire chest.

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Fat Grafting for Chest Wall Asymmetry

Fat grafting is certainly an option, as maybe some liposuction to the left side to help balance the two sides.  Fat grafting is never 100% and there are instances that you may get very good correction with one session or you may need 2-3 sessions to get near complete symmetry.It is best to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your deformity and discuss with you further to see what your options are.Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Fat transfer for pec augmentation

Hi, thanks for your question. On a parallel note, fat transfer breast augmentation is growing in popularity as it eliminates the need for implants by recycling fat from one part of the body to the  breasts to increase their size. This is ideal for those who want a natural-looking enlargement without the risks posed by implants like rupturing, leaks and shifting.   Your objective of giving the left pec the same shape as the right may not be entirely possible.  Some cells die when fat cells are transferred to another area.  There is never 100% take of grafted fat as blood vessels need to grow in to the area to supply them with oxygen.  Hence to achieve a specific shape, a series of fat injections may be required, so as to build on the previous procedure’s success.  While fat cells may live for many years in a new environment, there is no certainty they they will last long term. Please go have a consult with a board certified surgeon. Good luck.

Jan Zemplenyi, MD
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Poland's Syndrome

Thank you for your post. Instead of adding volume to your underdeveloped right side, you might consider liposuction of the left side of the chest to give you a better match. I have a feeling you might like that improvement in contour more than adding fatty tissue to your chest. The opposite may be true in women. Plus, liposuction of one side is an easier procedure to do, and to recover from than fat grafting. I'd suggest meeting with a trusted plastic surgeon near you. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
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