Fat injection under eye turned yellow. Any suggestions? (photos)

Who would be Best Dallas/Ft Worth Dr to correct yellow under the eye from fat transfer About 3 yrs ago

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Yellow color in skin of the lower eyelid after fat injection.

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Fat injections into the skin of the lower eyelid can be removed usually with simple excision under local anesthesia. It appears that the fat injection was simply too superficial in the skin. The skin of the lower eyelid is thin, so fat injections are harder to hide there than they are in thicker parts of the face and body. John Standefer MD

How to treated fat injected in skin.

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I have never injected into the skin after doing thousands of fat transfers over 25 years so I have no actual experience. If you walked into my office I would first do very careful exam. From the photo it appears that the fat is in the upper dermis and just below the dermis. If that is my conclusion from the exam then I would treat a very small test spot using an ablative CO2 laser. and base more treatment based on that result.

Curtis Perry, MD
Downey Facial Plastic Surgeon
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