Is it possible to reverse fat transfer to face?

a plastic surgeon i was dating about doing "liquid face lift". A procedure where only temp fillers and botox are injected to make the face look rejuvenated and rested but not dramatic. The dr told me that was a huge waste of money and talked my into doing fat transfer instead and i HATE it :( under eye hollows were not fixed,temples were filled oddly snd now look worse and he filled around my mouth & cheeks excessively (no idea why) . Its horrible Its been 9 months since my surg& i hate it

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Reversing fat transfer

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I hate that you are having to go through this.  There are different kinds of mistakes when poor results occur from fat grafting - narrowed down to really 2.  1) poor placement and 2) poor technique.  For #2, you may have nodules that form.  You can do either injections to soften them, or even surgically excise them in some cases.  This is not what it appears that you are having issues with.  In regards to poor placement, judicious and appropriate micro-liposuction can help to continuously improve your contouring to get you your desired results.  I suggest you consult with your doc in regards to either of these options, or see if there is someone in your area who is comfortable with correcting fat grafting. I hope some of this helps.

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Fat Transfer Reversal

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This is an unfortunate situation.  I am sorry you have to go through this.  The good news is that it is possible to improve your situation.  It would help if you added photos.

There are 2 methods to improve this situation.  The 1st approach is a conservative approach and I utilize micro-liposuction to accomplish this goal.  This is very effective method in removing injected fat from some areas of the face.  It is performed through small incisions with very small micro cannulas.  The fat is carefully removed in a gentle fashion so as not to cause any tissue damage to the surrounding areas.  It works very well in the nasolabial fold and the cheek area.  The second method is through a face lift incision approach.  In this approach, the injected fat can be visualized and removed.  Injected fat takes on a different appearance within the face.  It receives a vascularity and becomes part of your own tissues.  By utilizing a facelift approach, your incisions are undetectable and hidden.  This approach allows better access to the fat.  I utilize this approach in cases which are more severe in nature and need more fat removed.

I have utilized both approaches successfully.  My recommendation is to look for a surgeon who is comfortable in helping you with this problem.  It is possible to correct, therefore, Good Luck.  I hope this helps. 

Walton Montegut, MD
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Fat transfer gone wrong, how to fix it?

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Hi Iv,Thanks for your question and photos. It certainly is correctable. I am sorry that your result is not what you expected. There is certainly an art to placing fat and more importantly it is where you place it. If placed incorrectly it can accentuate what you do not want. I would see several board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeons to see how you problem can be correct with fine or microliposuctioning. Good Luck! 

All the best,

Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS

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Reversing fat grafting?

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I have used fat for 40 ears in the lips and hands but I do not like it for the rest of the face. It is wither underdone or worse overdone. This usually requires surgery to remove it since it is covered by scar. There are patients I have had to do a facelift to remove the fat their doctor placed.

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Is it possible to reverse fat transfer to face?

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Transferred fat can be removed just like excessive fat anywhere on the face and neck by using micro-canula liposuction. I suggest you seek a surgeon with a more artistic sense. Review before and after photos to find examples that you find results you find aesthetically pleasing.

Curtis Perry, MD
Downey Facial Plastic Surgeon
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