Crooked chin and asymmetric face. (photos)

Growing up my face was always pretty symmetrical. A few years ago the left side of my face got progressively fatter than the right. It also looks like my chin hooks to the right a bit. What would be the best course of treatment

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Crooked Chin

Dear Kerrilynn326,

Thanks for your pictures. I agree that your chin is deviated to the right. I thoroughly evaluation of your face is necessary to make sure it does not also include your lower jaw. If your lower jaw is involved, then lower jaw surgery to correct the asymmetry would also the necessary in addition to a sliding genioplasty to correct the chin. It's best to visit with an orthodontist and a plastic surgeon with training in orthognathic surgery to get the best opinions.

Best wishes.

Crooked chin and asymmetric face.

Hi and thank you for your excellent question.

There is a condition known as craniofacial micosomia (also known as hemifacial microsomia) where the tissues of one (rarely both) sides of the face are less well formed compared to the other side. It can affect all the layers and occasionally be associated with differences in other parts of the body. The condition is relatively rare but it is not that uncommon to have very mild versions of the condition where the profile only is mildly affected, and it looks that you may have this. 

Do you have any differences or concerns in relation to your jaws, teeth or bite?

In terms of treatment options for you I have two main lines of thought - a safe volumising filler which of course would need to be repeated but modern fillers can now last 18 months or more and the treatment would be a simple outpatient office procedure. The other method would be fat grafting which is relatively straightforward and when performed well, can be considered to be permanent but you may require more than one episode of grafting to achieve optimal symmetry. Personally I would avoid implants for a problem with modest severity like in yourself but of course it would be sensible to have this checked out by a fully qualified plastic surgeon.

Sometimes a filler can be used as a 'trial' prior to a more formal permanent correction so that you can get a taste of what the appearance will be like before committing to more permanent methods.

I hope you found this information helpful and best wishes for the future.

Tariq Ahmad, MBBChir, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon
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