Two weeks post chin augmenation my chin looked fantastic. Now I'm worried about infection. Any suggestions? (photo)

I'm three weeks post chin augmentation surgery and I'm worried there may be an infection. I looked great two weeks post op, but woke up three weeks post op to a swollen face and pain. I've been on antibiotics (second course now) and have been advised to take prednisolone 10mg for three days. I've uploaded pictures of my incision at two weeks, and now at three weeks. I have no fever, warmth or other signs of infection besides redness and some tenderness at times.

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Chin Implant

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You should see your surgeon asap, as you may have an infection which may be just the skin, but could also be the implant. Hope it's all ok, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney, Australia

Abnormal Swelling after Chin Implant

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See your surgeon immediately for recommendations regarding abnormal drainage and swelling and redness. You appear to have a wound infection and if your implant becomes contaminated it will have to be removed in order for you to heal.

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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