What the cost for orbital decompression surgery? (Photo)

I have gave eye disease.. I had surgery to my thyroid 3years ago and my eyes are still big and my self-esteem is real low,I just don't feel like my self anymore.

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See an orbital surgeon

The cost varies depending on how much decompression is needed and where the surgery is done. Insurance may or may not cover some or all of the costs. See an orbital surgeon for evaluation. See following link.

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Cost of orbital decompression surgery

The cost of orbital decompression surgery varies from one locality to another, and is determined largely by insurance carriers, as it is considered a medical condition. You might benefit from something less invasive, such as repositioning the eyelids so they are less wide open. This is much less invasive and has much easier healing. You should consult an ophthalmologist specializing in surgery of the eye socket (orbit). They are known as ophthalmic plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, or oculofacial plastic surgeons.

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What the cost for orbital decompression surgery?


Thank you for your question. Visit a General Doctor in your area for tests and examination for treatment and best evautaion. 

Good luck

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Cost of orbital decompression surgery

The cost is highly variable... In a hospital setting it will be more expensive than in a free-standing surgery center. The surgery may involve one, two, or three walls of the orbit - the more extensive, the higher the cost. Unless you have optic nerve compression, you may have the option of less expensive eyelid revisions which can make the eyes appear more recessed in the eyesockets. Rather than shopping around for estimates at this point, I would recommend consulting with an oculoplastic surgeon (or two) and learning about your options. A consult fee is a small price to pay to get specific and accurate answers to your questions. Best wishes!

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