Would fat grafting be a good option for me?

I want to fix the crease between my eyes, as well as the ones under my eyes. I've been told Botox would be a good option for fixing the crease between my eyes, but I want a permanent solution. Would fat grafting be viable option?

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Brow crease

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You have a subtle crease between your brow and nose- fat transfer may not be such a great option as it is such a small area to fill. Consider some HA filler instead to help improve that area. 

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Crease between brows

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You have a very minimal crease there.  It is from the brow falling and the heaviness of the brow tissue.  Best bet is botox even though it has to be repeated.  You could also try some HA filler to see if it provides the correction you are looking for.  The lower lid crease is the normal crease under the muscle.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Botox vs Fat Grafting

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In my opinion, Botox is your best option for what you desire. Although not a permanent solution, Botox is less invasive and and more reliable for your particular issue. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you. Good luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment options for eyebrow creases

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Facial aesthetics should always start with a careful analysis.

The importance of accuracy can not  be understated.
There are two types of creases scene between the eyebrows that are caused by muscle contractions in this area.

Horizontal lines are caused by The contraction of the muscle called the procerus muscle.

Vertical lines or the "11" lines are caused by the contraction of the corrugator supercilia muscle. These are two anatomically distinct muscles that cause two distinct emotional expressions when contracted.
The best treatment for these lines is Botox.

The third potential concern may be the overall facial contour between your eyebrows. The very top of your nose as a transitions to the forehead is called the radix.

Some people have a low set radix and others have a high one.

Some people can benefit from having a small implant placed underneath the skin over the radix.

This can be made from a small piece of Cartlidge that can be taken from the back of the year or can be a silicone implant.

fat grafting is also an option though I don't think it will be nearly as effective or precise as the placement of an implant.

Fillers may also work very well in this area.

There are some great long-lasting fillers that you could consider such as Radiesse.

your question was somewhat vague so I have gone out on a tangent talking about things that may not be applicable whatsoever.

But if you're interested in potentially changing your facial contours then you could look into radix grafts.

I think you will find the silicone implant or cartilage graft will be much more effective then and attempted fat transfer procedure for this particular area


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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I see the crease in between you eyebrows, and Botox should help that. The lower lid crease is the muscle roll, and that is normal and I would not treat that.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Is fat grafting an option

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Botox is temporary but is the best option for the frown lines. Permanent fillers to the face are never recommended. fat is not permanent, it is long lasting but not permanent. Fat is an option in your case but you need to understand that the percentage of graft take is unpredictable. Some grafts take very well and others can disapear quickly after surgery. Botox every 4-6 months is your best bet.

Juan Diego Mejia, MD
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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