Columella lumps scars after open Rhinoplasty complications/scars/bad stitches? What is this? What can be done? (photos)

4 weeks since my open rhinoplasty and the scar is very visible from every angles. had it in Slovakia and it is hard to go for follow up. worry the surgeon is not competent as we had a 2 mins consultation (first time) before operation. Nothing change (wanted smaller size, width (alar), tips down, etc) like a pig (nose tips got shorter after surgery). nose was smaller and pointer before. Am I eligible to ask for revision surgery How long should I wait before complaint. What can be done to improve?

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Rhinoplasty Complication

You should see a rhinoplasty surgeon and have them evaluate the nose. Could be several things, infection(bacterial or viral), suture reaction, allergic reaction ,foreign body reaction, to name a few. No revision until this active problem is resolved and settled down. May have to wait for a year.

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Scarring after rhinoplasty

This is definitely unusual. It is possible you had a hematoma below your incision or some infection. This will likely need to be revised but you need to heal for at least 6 months prior to that procedure. Depending upon how you heal in the next couple of months you might be a candidate for laser resurfacing. Your healing process will determine which approach is best. I would send your surgeon photos and discuss with them now as the incision healing is not going as planned. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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Columellar scar after rhinoplasty

The scarring on the columella is extensive.  There is a possibility that an infection happen after the surgery which could be either bacterial or viral such as Cold sore virus.That can lead to extreme scarring.

She needs to be evaluated and it would be a long process in trying to fix the scar.  It will require revision surgery followed by possible injections of steroids.


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Columellar scar after rhinoplasty

Thank you for sharing your question and pictures.  The appearance of the columellar scar concerns me, and I think you should either see your surgeon or a local surgeon to evaluate it.  While you would not be eligible for revision surgery this soon, it is important that you have it looked at sooner rather than later.  I hope that is helpful.

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Rhinoplasty complications/scars/bad stitches? What is this? What can be done?

Although it is impossible to comment on your surgeon's work without seeing pre-operative photos as well as an operative report detailing the maneuvers that were surgically performed, I am concerned that you may be developing a hypertrophic scar, or possibly even a keloid, on your columellar incision. Because you had surgery outside of the country, it would be very valuable to obtain any operative diagrams from your surgeon to allow your American rhinoplasty surgeon to properly evaluate and monitor your recovery. I would also strongly recommend that you bring in pre-operative photos for comparison. At only 4 weeks, it's clear that there is still significant swelling, and there is much that will still change, especially with regard to the nasal tip. Your new surgeon should inspect the tip to determine how much scar tissue is developing in the area above the tip as well since you appear prone to excess scar tissue formation. Early treatment of excessive scar tissue formation, both in the tip and on the incisions, is critical to ensure this atypical healing is kept to a minimum. I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty training and experience for management of these potential issues and for consideration for possible steroid injections. Best of luck!

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