Why don't some Rhinoplasty drs. post a lot (more) before/after pics on their website? Can I see many more in-office?

Wouldn’t it be better for drs. to post lots of rhinoplasty pics to showcase results so prospective patients can really evaluate their work? Not a lot of pictures seems like it would deter people from going to them. Even some well-known surgeons seem to not have many pics on their site. When you’re in office for a consult, do most doctors have many more before/after pics to show you? Maybe even like a book or database, so you can see noses/techniques they've done similar to your nose? Thanks

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Why don't some Rhinoplasty drs. post a lot (more) before/after pics on their website? Can I see many more in-office?

Dear footbig9, Many surgeons most probably do not perform that many rhinoplasty procedures or have consistent results they want to post if their galleries are small. The before and after photographs are a direct correlation in most cases of how many procedures the surgeon performs. I personally post a large amount of before and after nasal photographs in several different categories so prospective patients can review these before scheduling their consultation appointments. In office I have many more books of photographs especially male rhinoplasty patients who only allowed their consent for their photographs to be used in office versus on the internet. Another issue that we have as expert rhinoplasty surgeons is that we have patients travel across state and country and we only have photographs from the day of splint removal. Many patients will send their photographs with letters of thanks from their weddings etc however these are not suitable for before and after side by side photographs on a website so these are often in office use as well. (As shown in the video above) Also it is important to make sure the surgeons before and after gallery is new and the majority of patients are from recent procedures over the past few years. This is typically visible in hair style and makeup. I hope this is helpful. I have included a link below to my rhinoplasty gallery to give some examples for your review. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Rhinoplasty photos

What you say is exactly correct.  But remember, the Internet and websites are a form of advertising, so doctors figure the more photos they show, the more patients will come to them.  Not every doctor thinks that way, but as a patient you have to realize that hoots on a website, while one aspect of evaluating doctors, is not the whole story and you should research your doctor thoroughly before undergoing surgery.

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Before/After Photos

Most patients do not want their photos posted online and are judicious about having had procedures performed.  We keep our before and after photos in the office and are happy to share them during consultations. However, because of our high profile clientele, we are only able to show you photos where the patient has consented to have them shared. We respect our patients’ privacy and will do the same for you.

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Before & after photos

At the risk of being repetitive, I will add my experience showing pre-op & post-op photos.
Most of my patients are very secretive about the cosmetic surgery they desire. They come to me asking to look natural and more attractive. Many of then change their hair style or color to draw attention from any operative site. They expect their friends and colleagues to comment on how refreshed they look from their "time off" or how changing their hair made a big improvement. With this is mind, they do not want friends, colleagues or other students to happen upon photos that would reveal what they had done. However, there is a small subset that is not in that situation or mindset that do allow the photos to be shown; many will just allow them to be shown in the office to "serious" prospective surgical candidates.And, of course, there are those who are so ecstatic with the results that they are proud to have their photos shown!

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Before and after rhinoplasty pictures.

Showing a before-and-after photograph of a rhinoplasty patient requires a full view of the patient's face. Some are proud and excited to share the change in their appearance with the public, others prefer to remain private about a personal issue. Consequently, most of us have many more before-and-after photos to show for "educational" purposes in the privacy of our office than on the Internet. Having said that, I believe that I have many worthwhile before-and-after photos on my website that you might enjoy seeing. Be sure to also watch the video above for information that may help you to obtain a more natural appearing rhinoplasty result that will endure the test of time. Best of luck.

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Best Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Hi Footbig,

Great question.  For privacy reasons, most of our patients consent to showing their before and after photos for only educational purposes (medical conferences, power points, etc.) or in office to other patients.  Most patients do not want their photos on the worldwide web forever.  Other patients request that their photos stay completely private.  We are thankful to those who do consent allowing others to see their results.  At in office rhinoplasty consultation, we are able to show our patient many more before and after rhinoplasty results in private.  Another thing to be wary of when looking at before and afters online is there have been reported cases of photo-shopping.  The most important aspect of any rhinoplasty is making sure that you carefully choose your rhinoplasty surgeon based on their skill, experience, and natural artistic vision.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Before and after photographs of rhinoplasty

There is usually a direct correlation between how many before and after rhinoplasty  results are on the surgeons website, AND how many rhinoplasty procedures they perform on a regular/weekly basis. Rhinoplasty is a difficult endeavor, so choose your surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience.

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Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

In most cases, the number of photo examples showing rhinoplasty results is reflective of how often that particular plastic surgeon performs a certain procedure. Plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty on a very regular basis (several times per week) will have many more examples because, simply put, they do more than others. This is a very important factor that you should consider when deciding on a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty. 

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Why Don't Some Doctors Post More Before/After Pictures?

I can't speak for other surgeons but an experienced rhinoplasty specialist should make a lot of results available for the patient to view. Don't rely on computer imaging; you want to see examples of results in noses like yours.

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Wanting more rhinoplasty photos

It is sometimes difficult to post as many rhinoplasty photos as breast and body because the rhino before and afters show you face and identity. I am sure that you can appreciate this! But an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, should have more than enough photos for you to see both on the web site and in the office.

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