Can I get a Rhinoplasty while having hay fever symptoms?

I would like to have a rhinoplasty in June, however I suffer from hay fever which means my nose is a little swollen and congested. Would this effect the surgery or/and the results of my surgery? Today for example my nose was completely blocked up, I have good and bad days....

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Hay fever and rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your question. I have the same problem! If you were my patient, I'd try to get your allergies under better control before surgery. It would make your whole experience a lot more pleasant and make the surgery a bit easier. It shouldn't make a difference in your ultimate outcome, but you'd expect more bleeding initially if your allergies were out of control. A lot of times, rhinoplasty surgery can also help your breathing, but not if you have horrible allergies! Good luck!

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It’s better to have allergies under control before rhinoplasty

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While it is possible to have rhinoplasty surgery done while suffering from hay fever, I would recommend trying to get your allergies under control before having it done simply for the sake of comfort and better healing. Find a good board-certified ENT or allergist who can help you with managing your allergy symptoms, then proceed with your rhinoplasty. Good luck.

Hay fever

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Hi Filizerol,
Technically you can get a rhinoplasty while having hay fever symptoms. However, it will be a much more pleasant experience for you if the hay fever symptoms are well controlled prior to surgery. It is usually better after rhinoplasty surgery not to be sneezing or if absolutely necessary to sneeze to do it through the mouth. Obviously, seeing an allergist and getting your hay fever under control is appropriate prior to surgery.
Best regards,
Warwick Nettle

Rhinoplasty with hayfever symptoms

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 It is possible to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure while having hay-fever symptoms, but it is much more comfortable having  your hay-fever under control with medical management.

William Portuese, MD
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