My eye is severely bigger than the other? (Photo)

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One eye larger than other (or one eye smaller than other)

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You have eye asymmetry which is likely due to the following: 1) left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy eyelid);  2) left eye more sunken (or right eye more bulging).  You need to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.  See video and link below.

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Uneven eyes/eyelids

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There are many things that can cause the uneven or asymmetric appearance you are seeing.  First it is important to determine if the bony structure around the eye or the tissue behind the eye has been changing.  This could cause one eye to look sunken or the other to look prominent.  You have have some asymmetry in the soft tissue or the eyelid itself and this can cause one to look asymmetric.

The first step is to seek an opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon as to the cause of they asymmetry and make sure it is not behind the eye.  But yes there are many options depending upon the cause

One of my eyes is bigger than the other.

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There can be many causes for one eye bigger than the other.  You may have ptosis (drooping) of the smaller eye, which is what it appears you have.  It is possible your right eyelids are retracted and/or your right eyes is proptosis (bulging) outward stretching the right eyelids apart making the eye seem bigger.  If you are having any eye socket pain or having double vision then I would see an oculoplastic surgeon.  If your eyes and sockets check out okay then a ptosis surgery to lift your left upper eyelid more open would improve symmetry.  This can be done in the office setting.  Sometimes when there is marked asymmetry it is possible that lifting one eyelid will cause the other side to droop because of something called Herring's law of equal innervation that your surgeon should test for and discuss.  Best regards.

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Eye differences

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Looking at your photo, you seem to be a pretty young guy (early 20's?) and your right eye is more "open" or bigger than your left.  Your problem isn't with your right eye though, it's with the left.  You've got something called "ptosis" (which means 'drooping") of the left eyelid.  If you were older, the drooping is usually caused by the lengthening of the muscle/tendon that opens the eye (the levator is it's name).  In someone as young as you, the problem is a little trickier.  Sometimes people are born with a ptosis.  (Was your left eye always droopy?)  Sometimes trauma can cause it (were you hit around the eye?) The bottom line is that if you were born with it and you don't like it, or if it's new, you should find a surgeon near you that does a lot of eye surgery and him/her check it out for you.I hope this helps!

Robert K. Sigal, MD
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