Cryotherapy for post Rhino swelling and scar tissue?

I was looking up other methods (besides steroid injections) of curing scar tissue build up and swelling and came across cryotherapy, could that work? Are there any other methods?

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Ava,Thank you for the question.  I would be highly suspicious of cryotherapy having a beneficial effect for scar formation following a rhinoplasty.  Cryotherapy is great, and definitely serves a purpose in terms of post-operative healing, but not for this specific issue.  Apart from steroids, another consideration would be 5 Flourouracil ( 5-FU) injections in the area of concern.  Of note, early aggressive scar formation following a rhinoplasty can sometimes be caused by bleeding in the supra-tip region, which can easily go undiagnosed and confused for post-operative swelling.  Hence, the clinician should be very suspicious of this possibility and take measures to identify and remedy that. Blood is a very reactive substance and can contribute to aggressive scar formation following surgery.  
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Treatment for swelling and scar tissue after a rhinoplasty

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 Cryotherapy is not used for treating swelling underneath the skin in the supratip area of the nose, because it would damage the overlying skin.  Steroid shots, 5-FU, can be injected underneath the skin to help with maturation of the healing process.  In addition, Botox can be used to decrease the oil content, Blenderm taping, and topical Retin-A. Best to check with her operative surgeon and make sure they have extensive experience with rhinoplasty

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