Lipoma Removal Recovery

How long is the recovery period after lipoma removal? Are there any restrictions during recovery?

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Lipoma removal recovery

In most cases, depending on the size or location, I remove lipomas with local anesthesia.  You can go home afterwards and patients typically return to work the next day.  This should have minimal impact on your daily routine.

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Lipoma surgery recovery time

Recovery time from lipoma surgery varies depending on the size and location of the lipoma. Typically speaking, lipomas on the body will require 2 weeks of sutures which then require removal, although the scar continues to heal and improve for many months afterward. The only pain is typically the local anesthetic for 5 seconds or so, and then nothing is felt during the procedure and only occasional mild soreness over the following 1-2 weeks. During healing, its important not to overdo exercise/exertion as you don't want sutures to tear or the scar to widen. 

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Recovery after lipoma surgery

Lipomas can be removed with surgery.  Typically, procedures are done in an outpatient setting with several sutures placed to minimize scarring.  Full recovery is several days with return to work in one day.

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Lipoma recovery or no down time

Unless it is in an area where there is tissue movement such as around the elbows, wristrs, shoulders, there is no down time. Another exception would be a huge lipoma, more than 10 cm where a drain may be necessary and the excellent answer provided by Dr. Williams would suffice in situations like that. So, in summary, most lipomas do not require down time.

Lipoma removal recovery

Lipoma resection recovery is typically quick, but it can depend on the size and location of the lipoma.  In rare cases drains may be required.  Exercise may need to be curtailed for a few weeks.

You should have a careful discussion with your surgeon regarding the specific details.

I hope this helps!

Lipoma Surgery Recovery

As a general rule, recovery from lipoma surgery is fairly quick. You should be able to return to work in most instances within a day or two. The greatest risk of bleeding and swelling occurs in the first 48 hours after surgery so you should be a little more careful during this time, and I wouldn't recommend working out while the sutures are in place (7-14 days, depending on site).

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Lipoma recovery

minimal downtime


you should be back to your daily routine the next day.


Very large ones can occassionaly form seromas which  occure when large amounts of your own fluid builds up in the surgical site.


these surgeries should be done mostly under local anesthesia.

Removal of lipoma and recovery

The recovery process after the removal of a lipoma depends entirely on the characteristics of the lipoma and the type of surgery that was necessary to remove it. If lipoma is small and superficial, the recovery process is minimal. However, if the lipoma is of a large size or deed and required by section through a great deal of tissue or the rearrangement of tissue to close the defect, your recovery may take several days or up to a week. Discuss with your plastic surgeon would anticipate the recovery will be and any limitations in motion that they recommend to optimize your healing.

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Depends on size and location

It all depends on the size and the location of the lipoma. A 1-2 cm lipoma removed from the back for example will only require minimal down time.

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