How Much Pain Should I Expect After Lipoma Removal?

Two weeks ago, I noticing a mass (about the size of a dried prune) that appeared from one day next to my collar bone. My doctor told me it was a lipoma and recommended that I have it removed. I'm scheduled for a surgery next week. How much pain should I expect after the surgery? Will I need to take the next day off? Thanks in advance.

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What is a lipoma?

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This may not represent a lipoma, but rather an enlarged lymph node. Always go to an experienced surgeon who can tell the difference.

Discomfort with lipoma surgery removal

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Almost all dermatologic surgery including lipoma surgical removal can be done in an outpatient basis without need for general anesthesia or mild sedation. The worse part is the initial seconds of needle prick sensation. Most of our patients do fine without any pain medications and if pain medication is needed, Tylenol may be sufficient. Another viable alternative to removing large lipoma would be tumescent liposuction.

Pain after removal of lipoma

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The pain you should experience after removal of a lipoma depends directly on the characteristics of this mass. If this is a large mass or is very deep within your tissues, significant dissection may be necessary to remove this mass. This will unfortunate cause discomfort. If the lipoma is smaller superficial, this may be done easily and with minimal pain.

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Small lipoma removal is usually a "low key" event

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For a small lump like the one you describe the operation for removal should be pretty light on pain and problems. It is when people let these things get huge that removal is a bigger deal. You can probably do that under local anesthesia "numbing shots" alone.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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