Insurance Coverage for Lipoma Removal?

Is there a way to have your insurance pay, whether partial or full, for lipoma removal? My husband has so many and they are only getting bigger.

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Insurance coverage for lipoma removal

In our experience, it is very uncommon to have insurance cover for the removal of a lipoma. However, this depends entirely on your personal insurance plan. Many of the insurance plans and we have worked with, consider this to be a benign condition and an elective procedure. They use this as their rationalization to not compensate for this surgery.

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Insurance coverage for lipoma removal varies


Trying to figure what an insurance company will cover these days is hit or miss at best. Call your insurance company first. They will likely cover it if your family practice doc does it, but check beforehand to be safe.

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Lipoma removal sually covered by health insurance policies

Lipoma removal is usually covered by most of the insurance companies. Lipoma is a fatty tumor that should be removed and sent to the pathology for the examination. Before scheduling make sure it is a covered benefit under your insurance policy.

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