I had ptosis surgery 9 days ago and I am worried I will need a revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had ptosis repair 9 days ago. The stitches were placed underneath the eyelid. A day after surgery I had minimal swelling and then as days went on my eye seemed to look smaller and smaller and now on day 9 I am feeling very depressed that I will need a revision. I know it may be too early but I thought I should see some improvement by now and I just don't. My eye is also feeling very sore and scratchy. I am using sterile lubricating drops often. I see my surgeon tomorrow

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9 Days after Ptosis Surgery

Dear Patient from Fort Lauderdale,
The healing process from surgery can be frustrating. Creating a wound requires healing cells to repair that wound and this often results in swelling as well. 
Please give yourself time to heal. 
I hope this was helpful. 

Tampa Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Give eyelid time to heal

It is still early in the healing period. Best to wait about 3 months before considering additional ptosis surgery.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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What to expect from ptosis repair

Hello, From your photos, it appears that your operated eyelid still has some swelling which is normal for 9 days after surgery.  It looks like your swelling has been improving steadily since your procedure. Once the swelling has completely resolved, which may take a few weeks, you'll have a better sense of the final result. (Which I predict will be great!) Continue using the lubricating drops and keep in contact with your surgeon. Best of luck.

Chaneve Jeanniton, MD
Brooklyn Oculoplastic Surgeon

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