I would like to know if I suffer from ptosis? (Photo)

One of my eyelids is saggy and droppy and I'm really worried because i might have ptosis. It doesnt run in my family and I wasnt born with it. I started noticing it 3 years ago and since then it has gotten worse because it wasnt this droppy. What should i do ? I'm so worried! And if i suffer from ptosis how much does the surgery cost? Are there any other cures if i cant afford surgery? Thank you!

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Looking at your photos it does not appear that you have ptosis.  It looks to me more that you have excess skin hanging over your eyelid.  So you would be a candidate for a blepharopalsty and not a ptosis repair.  In my experience it is difficult to make a full recommendation from a photo, so I would suggest a full examination by an oculoplastic surgeon.

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