Forehead Lipoma? Will I Have a Disfiguring Scar?

I have a good size lipoma on my foreahead. Is it worth removing and will I be disfugured by the scar? I am a woman and very self concious. Plastic surgeon doing the removal.

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Choosing a plastic surgeon for a lipoma removal from the forehead

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Lipomas are commonly removed from the forehead using carefully placed incisions on the skin.  A plastic surgeon should choose the position of the incision to minimize scarring. Surgery90210

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Questions about removal of forehead lipoma and possible scarring

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Forehead lipomas are not uncommon. The incision can usually be placed in a forehead line to help camouflage it. That combined with very meticulous technique typically leads to a scar that heals very nicely. If you are concerned about the subsequent scar laser resurfacing or dermabrasion can be quite helpful. If you followup with an experienced plastic surgeon, you should be in good hands. I hope this helps.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Forehead Lipoma - have it removed

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Yes, you should have it removed and it sounds like you've gone a good route. I would think it's better to have a tiny scar which is somewhat hidden into the natural lines on your face than have people wonder what a big bump is on your forehead, especially if you state you are already very self conscious. A little scar is better than a good sized lipoma any day of the week!

Forehead lipoma

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forehead lipoma removal should be fine. make sure incision is in wrinkle lines so it will be hidden better. not up and down.


some people do keloid, but this is an extremely small percentage.


and you can do it through the hairline as the other plastic surgeon stated.


but it makes something very simple into something more difficult.


you wont have a scar on your forehead. but you will be more swollen and have more bruising after the bigger surgery and the endoscopic version must be done in the operating room under anesthesia. where as the direct excision may be taken out in office under local.





Lipoma of the forehead

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Most lipomas of the forehead are under the muscle. Yes you will have a scar on your forehead.

The only other option is to do the surgery endoscopicaly throughsmall incisions in the scalp, hidden by hair. However removal endoscopically makes the surgery more complex and more expensive.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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