Lipoma Removal Recovery Painful?

I am getting two lipoma lumps from my right thigh, one is about an inch across and the other is the size of a nickel. Will it be painful to walk afterwards, like would even everyday walking and movement pull on the stitches? What measures should I take to make sure everything heals properly? & how many days should I book off work for this prodedure? Thanks!

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Lipoma Removal Recovery Painful?

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Recovery after lipoma removal is usually not associated with much pain, and for small ones as you describe pain pills other than Tylenol are not required.  We recommend no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks, but you can do regular sedentary work right away and usually do not need time off.  Each circumstance is different and it is important to follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon before and after surgery.

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Lipoma Recovery

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From the description of your proposed lipoma removal you should have minimal discomfort after the procedure. Most patients do not take time off of work and this is of course depending on your job description. Heavy lifting and exercise should be limited during the first week or two. After your first recheck appointments depending on your recovery your surgeon will advise you when to go back to your normal activities. Best regards!

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Lipoma recovery and pain

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Your pain should be minimal, but it largely depends on your surgeon and your pain tolerance. As far as the stitches pulling, you won't be able to feel the pull when you numbed and for a few hours after - this is where you need to be careful. However, after that you will be able to feel the stitches if you're pulling too much and therefore can compensate. I don't tell patients to take any time off work and most of them are just fine. However, if you are concerned and your work is willing, take a day or so off. And if you are extremely sensitive to pain your physician should be able to call in a mild pain med for you.

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