Lipoma on Forehead Extracted 2 Times from Same Spot Only to Return the Third Time?

Four years ago I had a lipoma from my forehead extracted by a dermatologist only to come back. Two years ago, I once again had a lipoma removed by a plastic surgeon only to come back. I was told this was more complicated due to scar tissue and the lipoma involving a root. With these additional complications, and my lipoma regrowing again, will it be worth getting excised the third time or will it come back.

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Forehead lipoma recurrence

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Lipomas are common fatty tumors that can occur all over the body, including the forehead.  In the forehead location they are almost always located underneath the frontalis muscle and periosteal lining of the skull.  For these reasons they are sometimes difficult to completely resect, and are more prone to recur than other locations.  Anytime a mass is removed from the body there is a chance it can recur, which varies by the pathology and location and characteristics of the mass.  If it is enlarging again and bothering you I recommend consultation with a plastic surgeon in you area to determine the best treatment plan for you.  A wider excision may be an option to consider.

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Lipoma, incidence of recurrence

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Thank you for your question.

Lipoma is a benign fatty lump representing a cluster of cells enclosed in a pseudocapsule. As fat cells naturally expand size of the lipoma increases. It is very unusual to have lipoma on a forehead as there is very littel of subcutaneous fat. However,if you had it proven histologically that it was actually lipoma and not any other benign tumour, like dermoid cyst, for example then you have to look if there is any cause to have lipoma on the forehead as lipoma can start after minor injury like bumping into something. Some people just prone to develop lipoma and can have them on multiple sites or recurring at the same site. Desription of a 'root' normally refers to the feeding blood vessels and pseudocapsule. Elimination of these might stop lipoma returning might leave more extensive indented scarring.

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