Can a Paraspinal Lipoma Cause Severe Pain and Numbness?

I have been experiencing pain and numbness down my right side for the past 8 months. It ranges from annoying to excruciating. I have had so many tests that have shown nothing and they cannot seem to find out the reason for this. My last MRI with contrast shows a lipoma in the para-spinal region. Can this be causing the my issues?

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Paraspinal Lipoma Cause Severe Pain and Numbness?

Lipomas can cause pain and numbness when in a paraspinal location.  Many times however, they do not cause pain at all.  It depends on the size and location of the lipoma, and to some extent how you sit, clothing, belts, etc.  If there are not other obvious causes for pain after a thorough examination and tests, then it is reasonable to seek consultation form a surgeon to have it removed.

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Paraspinal Lipoma and pain

Yes, lipomas on or near the spine can definitely cause intense pain and it has to do with the fact that if the lipoma is deeper, sometimes you won't feel it or it may actually burst and then refill. Unfortunately these can also be tough to get out but a good dermatological surgeon or general surgeon can do it.

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