I have hybrid permanent upper denture that are screwed in. I am concerned about cleaning, advice?

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Clean A Hybrid Denture or All on Four

We recommend all of our implant Denture Patients return to the office at least once a year to have the restorations removed,polished and the implants and gum examined. 

For daily hygiene we recommend using a waterpik twice a day. the waterpik should be half water half hydrogen peroxide and one drop of dish washing soap.  Our experience is this keeps the restorations very clean.

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It is very important that the restoration is designed so it can be cleaned properly. It most likely will have a convex undersurface. Best methods to clean will be

1. Superfloss

2. Waterpick

3. Electric toothbrush

I would arrange a maintenance schedule with your dentist so that the restoration has longevity

Wishing you all the best

Saj Jivraj, DDS
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Cleaning Permanent Denture

We recommend that our patients use WaterPik as well as different types of flossing materials that could be inserted underneath the prosthesis. Although there are other hygiene aids that can be used, keep in mind that your restorative dentist can remove the prosthesis and have it cleaned professionally in his or her office. 

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Hybrid denture screwed

Some cares procedures for fixed prostheses are these ones: 

Debris removal.
Biofilm removal.
-Interdental care.

As the doctors said, the water pick is a machine that can help you with the hygiene of your prosthesis or you can go to your periodontist and ask for some hygienization tips. 

Good luck!

Yocasta Caba, DDS
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Hybrid denture

One problem with screw retained restorations is they can be difficult to clean around. I suggest getting a waterpik to help remove debris from under the denture. It is also important to make regular hygiene appointments so that the restoration can be removed and cleaned then replaced. 

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