All on 4 upper jaw has changed my face, the way I talk, and the colour of them is horrible. What do I do now?

All on 4 are very forward facing, jutting out. I think the front teeth are two big and long and I can't get my upper lip under my teeth. (Like what you do to put lipstick on when you rub upper and lower lips together). It looks like I have buck teeth when I talk and I now talk with a lisp. I am continually biting my tongue at the back of my mouth and it's like the teeth at the back have been pushed in. Basically my tongue doesn't fit in my mouth.

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Unhappy with teeth

I would speak to your dentist to have a new set of temporary teeth made. the temporary teeth are prototypes for the final restorations. All problems should be worked out in the temporaries so there is no surprise in the final. The look, feel, bite, support of the face can be worked out.

It is still somewhat reversible so no need to worry too much, it can be corrected

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All-on-4 Dental Implants Post-op

It would be important to understand if the teeth you are talking about are the temporary set of the All on 4, or the final restoration, which is usually done 6 months after the surgery. It's impossible to diagnose and advise you without seeing you, but general issues that come to mind are the position of the teeth (not necessarily the implants themselves) relative to the jaw, and whether sufficient bone was reduced at the time of the surgery to make room for the transition line as well as the framework and infrastructure. These are just some of the questions that I would ask your dentists. I hope this helps. 

John Paul Gallardo, DDS
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