Can Chiropractic Adjustments Laying In The Prone Position Rupture Saline Breast Implants?

I had a breast augmentation done in 2004 with saline implants. Can chiropractic adjustments to the spine while laying on your stomach result in rupture of the implants?

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Chiropractic visits after breast augmentation

Don’t worry about the implants popping; it’s not likely that the chiropractor could exert enough force to do that. Breast implants are designed to be sturdy, and each manufacturer has its own testing protocol. Allergan tests its implants by exerting nearly 55 pounds of force on them repeatedly, up to 6.5 million times.

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Chiropractor visit

It would be very unlikely for this activity to lead to an implant rupture but at some point, keep in mind, all implants rupture, so it could be coincidental if this actually did occur.


Anything is possible - nobody can guarantee that you won't have an issue. In the end, however, you need to live your life. You can't be in constant fear of a rupture/leak.


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Chirppractor after breast augmentation

Seeing a chiropractor should be fine after breast implants. Be sure to inform both your plastic surgeon and your chiropractor.

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Can a prone postion rupture a saline implant

While both saline and gel implants are very duable, over time the shell will become fragile and a leak might occur for any stress to the implant. Though a prone postion will not rupture a saline or gel implant, after ten years a leak is on the horizon. Best not worry and do what you must. The saline implant will let you know when it has had enough.

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​Breast Implant Failure and Chiropractic Adjustment or Mammograms

The shells of breast implants are made of a silicone elastomer and are very durable. However, breast implants are not considered permanent medical devices and do have a failure rate. That failure rate is ~1% per year, for the first ten years. After a patient’s initial recovery, I do not place restrictions on activity for women with breast implants.

There have been rare instances where a woman with saline breast implants will report an implant failure following trauma to the breast. Examples include women who have undergone mammography or a thoracic chiropractic adjustment, and then several hours or days later noticed that one breast was smaller in size. In these situations the failure has been attributed to the mammogram or the chiropractic manipulation. But the overwhelming (emphasis on “overwhelming”) majority of women do not have problems with mammograms or thoracic adjustments, and we do not generally believe that either will alter breast implant location or integrity.

It is important to speak with your mammographer and chiropractor about your breast implants. Special techniques are utilized during the mammogram, but these are aimed at visualizing as much breast tissue as possible. I’m sure your chiropractor could take precautions when adjusting the thoracic region by using additional padding and more gentle techniques to help protect implant integrity.

Best wishes, Ken Dembny

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