I broke my nose. What should I do? (Photo)

I fell and broke my nose one month ago. The bridge still looks bent and crooked. What can I do to get it fixed?

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Swelling , some advices:

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Thank you very much for enquire.Swelling after a rhinoplasty depends of the surgery complexity.
In this regard, the nasal swelling Post-op It can last from two weeks to two months.
To reduce this swelling, I recommend you perform delicates daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the face (around the nose) avoid sun exposure, and take pain/inflamation pills, as your surgeron precribe you.
Kind regards, 
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-  

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for the broken nose

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First, it's important to be evaluated by ENT/ facial plastic surgeon to document the extent of the injury both internally and externally. X-rays may be needed as well. If the nose is crooked on a permanent basis, a rhinoplasty procedure will be required. This is also known as an open reduction of the nasal fracture, however it can be performed through a closed rhinoplasty approach with all the incisions placed on the inside of the nose. Anticipate  a cast applied across the bridge of the nose for one week and  visible swelling and bruising for  two weeks

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What to do for a broken nose?

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If you broke it a month ago, it is too late to do what is called a closed reduction, which should be done within 7-10 days after the injury to set the bones back into position. Now you should wait about 6 months to undergo a rhinoplasty to regain your appearance.  It is helpful if you have pictures of yourself prior to the injury to show the surgeon.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Broken nose

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 The best idea is to be seen for an evaluation by a facial plastic or plastic surgeon. Because a month has already passed you may not be able to simply "pop" the nose back into normal position anymore. However, rhinoplasty techniques can help you to achieve the look that you're seeking for your nose. During the consultation, nasal imaging can be performed to give you an idea what you may expect as a result of your correction. Best of luck!

Mark Been, MD
Barrington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal Fracture Recommendations

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If you have a displaced nasal bone fracture, you may benefit from a closed reduction with external stabilization under anesthesia to reset the bone. Most often it is preferred to have this done within 21-30 days after injury for this surgery to be  most effective, so see a rhinoplasty physician as soon as possible for an examination and recommendations. If you can't see someone asap, then open reduction nasal bone fracture with stabilization and/or dorsal reduction can still be done at a later date. It is normal for there to be swelling along your fracture site from trauma and callus formation of the bone.  Over time, this too will improve. Hope this answer helps. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fractured nasal bones

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Fractured nasal bones should usually be repaired or "re-set" in the 1st week following the injury.  Otherwise, I would wait 3-6 months to undergo a formal rhinoplasty to reshape the contour irregularities.

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