Are my nose and lips unbalanced? (Photos)

My nose is pretty big, and I think that my lips make it seem like my nose is even bigger. I am wondering that if they are unbalanced, which would be better: lip injections or rhinoplasty? I am unhappy with the size of my nose, but I'm not sure if any other nose shape would suit my face shape. I am also unhappy with my lips though, as they are noticeably uneven. I don't know what would be the better option, if it would be worth to even do anything at all.

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Balance in nose and lip relationships

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Thanks for your photos.  The relationships of the large nose with uneven lips are a common complaint that is seen in many "selfies".  The parallax distortion arises from the camera taken at arm's length that makes the closest structures look too big, and the background structures look too small.  Proper portrait photos eliminate parallax by moving the camera at least 10 feet away from the subject.  Best to discuss your concerns with a qualified plastic surgeon to balance your nose/lip relationships with careful analysis of your cephalometric measurements.  You may want to have these measurements done with "golden ratio" comparisons as developed by Dr. Stephen Marquardt.

Are my nose and lips unbalanced?

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Aloha,From the front view, it appears that your nasal tip may be a little large, but hard to tell for sure without more complete photos. From the side, it seems that your chin is small, but again the photos are limiting. It's also possible that your dental bite might be affecting your chin appearance. It's also difficult to judge your lips, but they probably aren't the main problem. It would be best for you to visit an experienced board certified
plastic surgeon for an in-depth consultation to review your options.
Mahalo, Dr D

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Nose, lips, chin and facial balance

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Although your photos are limited, it appears that you have a smaller chin relative to the size of your nasal projection (how far the nose sticks out from the face).  You may not need lip injections at all; instead, you may require a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation to create better facial harmony.  I would consult with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who will accurately examine you, create a simulation to show you what you could look like after surgery, and develop a plan tailored to your individual needs.

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