What Should Be my BMI to Have a Tummy Tuck?

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Normal BMI is better

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I like to see the BMI around 25 to 27, but it is usually safe up to the 30 range. There are exceptions to this rule, since heavy boned muscular people can have a BMI above 30 but have no more risk than a normal BMI. The thickness of the abdominal fat is an important consideration. If it is more than about 5 cm on pinch, the procedure gets more difficult and the cosmetic results are not as good.

Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

Ideal BMI for tummy tuck

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Ideally, your BMI should be in the normal range for your height and weight. Most of my patients are between 24-30 BMI. To achieve a good result from an abdominoplasty in someone who is overweight, the fat has to extraabdominal and not visceral or intrabdominal. When I examine my patients requesting a tummy tuck, I have them lay supine. If they have a protuberant abdomen, I can't give them a completely flat abdomen due to the excess intraabdominal fat. This can only be reduced with a change in dietery intake and exercise.

Ideal BMI for Tummy Tuck

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There is no perfect BMI.   However, BMI is not insignificant.  Your plastic surgeon will assess your abdomen.  One of the relative contraindications for a tummy tuck is excessive intra-abdominal obesity (excessive fat inside your belly sitting next to your bowels).   Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

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Tummy tuck

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BMI below is 30 is ideal; however, it doesn't really matter (unless it is too high >40-45), for safety  reasons.  Some do panniculectomies (removal of abdominal fat and skin only, no tightening of the muscles).  Patients get confused about the two.

Best BMI for a Tummy Tuck

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As a rule, the BEST Tummy Tuck results are seen in women who are within a "normal" BMI range. This is NOT to say that attractive results cannot be achieved with "overweight" BMI's or higher. But - it is far easier to get homerun results in women with BMI's in the "normal" range. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Preferred BMI prior to elective cosmetic plastic surgery

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There are many BMI calculators on the internet. Most surgeons prefer to have the BMI be less than 30 to reduce the risk of complications.

BMI to Have a Tummy Tuck

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No should NEVER base a surgery upon the BMI. As Drs Rand & Wallackh stated be within 10 to 15 pounds of your "ideal" weight. From MIAMI Dr. darryl J. Blinski

BMI before a Tummy Tuck

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I think the standard for most Board Certified Plastic Surgeons is nothing over 30 BMI.  I also saw that the other surgeons on this website suggested the same thing but maybe just a little more reassurance that you are receiving the most accurate information is important.  It is great that this issue is one of your concerns. Knowledge is very important before making an important decision to have plastic surgery. Good Luck!

Body contouring and BMI

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The BMI is an important measure for body contouring surgery as the risks and complications from body contouring increase with a BMI above 30. They increase dramatically above 35.

Ideally you would be within 10- 15 lbs of your ideal body weight to achieve your greatest cosmetic result. Seek out a board ceritfied plastic surgeon to evaluate you and offer guidance.

I have recently begun a very effective dietary program to help my patients achieve their goal weight prior to surgery with great results.

Good luck 

BMI Criteria for Tummy Tuck.

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There is no absolute criteria for tummy tuck.  My best advice is for you to be at your normal weight.  This means the weight that you maintain from day to day during your normal routine - going to work, etc.  It is unrealistic for you to loose 30 pounds, then have surgery, then go back to your regular routine because you are more than likely going to just gain the weight back again.  If you have surgery at your normal weight and then go back to your normal routine, your results will be more realistic and enduring.


Good Luck.

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