Can a cap be worn immediately after procedure to hide the scalp while returning to work? Also how long does hair need to be?

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Hat after transplant

Thank you for your question. You should not wear a hat after your transplant for 2 weeks in my practice. At that time it is safe to put a hat on. Try to be patient. Best of luck

Hat after hair transplant

The most important consideration is to avoid disruption of the grafts.  The first 48 to 72 hours are most critical but we make sure the patient knows to be careful with the graft site for up to two weeks.  We typically apply a pressure dressing to the donor site which stays in place for 48 hours and patient's leave the office in a loose fitting surgeons hat.  We recommend patients wear a loose fitting hat when outside for more than 30 min during those first two weeks, but again making sure that the grafts are not contacted by the hat or affected.  In your case, I would agree to a hat immediately after the procedure as long as it was loose fitting and not in contact with the grafts. 

Can a Cap Be Worn Immediately After NeoGraft Hair Restoration Surgery

As a general rule, yes, a cap can be worn so long as it does not rub onto the recently placed grafts in the recipient area. The main concern is to not dislodge or disturb the grafts. The donor site on the back and sides of your scalp can be covered with a cap. Best option.... discuss with your surgeon.

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Wearing hats after a Neograft procedure

Great question! Every surgeon differs regarding their specific post-procedure instructions so make sure to ask. In general, it is best not to wear anything for the first 48 hours. After this, a hat is ok so long as it does not touch or rub the transplanted follicles in any way. Good luck!


A cap can be worn after the procedure - although it must be done so carefully!  You don't want to place pressure on the grafts or shear them in any way, particularly for the first few days when they are most delicate!

This is the advice we give our patients....

Best of luck!

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Can a cap be worn immediately after procedure to hide the scalp while returning to work? Also how long does hair need to be?

Thank you for your question. I allow my patients wear a loose baseball cap two days after the procedure. You just have to be careful not to disturb the grafts by rubbing or too much sweating. We do not cut hair in the recipient area, but do cut it very short at the donor site. These answers may change according to your surgeon's post-op instructions.

It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.

It is best to ask your surgeon about post operative care as each doctor has their unique regimen.   Some doctors may agree that wearing a hat the day of surgery would be acceptable.  Some may not.

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Neograft postop

The hair can be very short at the time of the procedure. We have to cut the donor area short for extraction anyway. We do not allow a cap/hat until day #5 and even then to be worn loosely and no brim rubbing the grafts.

Gregory Chambon, MD
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Neograft and Hats

Thanks for your question!  In general, I like to wait two weeks before allowing patients to wearing any hats that would touch the transplanted area.  That being said, depending on the area that was transplanted, sometimes a cap/hat can be worn after 48 hours - again, as long as it is not touching the grafts.  Be sure to ask your surgeon.  Best of luck!

Post Neograft Instructions

Hi and thank you for your question!

Always best to refer to your physician for questions and concerns regarding your Neograft procedure. We tell our patients to wait at least 2 weeks following the procedure before wearing hats.  Our patients do no shave or cut their hair before the procedure. In our practice, I meet with the patient, as well as the neograft technicians to discuss the plan and how the hair can be shaved so that it is hardly noticeable.


Dr. Grant Stevens

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