Soreness and itching after Neograft. Is this normal?

I had NeoGraft surgery (2,000 FUE) 24 days ago and my scalp (transplant area) is still sore and tender to touch. The donor area is less tender but is still a little tender and very itchy - especially when I'm tired. Is this normal? When should I expect to feel better?

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Soreness & Itching after Neograft

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Some soreness after Neograft is normal and to be expected. Itching is often a sign of healing in the area and to be expected as the graft are settling in. Try not to itch if you can help it and make sure to keep the area clean to avoid infection. With our patients, we have seen these symptoms can last for up to several weeks. Generally speaking if you find they are interfering with your normal daily activities, contact a physician to discuss further. 

Soreness after Neograft

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Soreness and itching are very common after a Neograft procedure. Typically by 3 weeks though the pain is starting to subside. The itching, however, can be common for up to a few months. Make sure to follow up with your Neograft surgeon to make sure you are not developing an infection. 

I hope this helps,

-Dr. Angelos

Tyler Angelos, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Symptoms Following NeoGraft Hair Transplant

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It is not uncommon to have lingering discomfort and itching to the donor area and the transplant area.  To ensure that you are healing properly, continue to follow all of your post-procedure care, including the use of home-care products and keep your follow up appointments with your physician.

Vu Ho, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Soreness and itching after Neograft. Is this normal?

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A little soreness to touch and itching is not unusual. Generally, it lingers for a couple of weeks to months. The itching is usually from the short hairs growing in the donor area. In the donor site. The short "stubble's" push back into the donor site and this can cause both mild discomfort and itching. These issues rarely indicate a problem, however. If it is more than mild, I suggest you inform your surgeon. 

Thank you for your question, and best of luck.

Neograft postop

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It is not unusual to have lingering soreness for several weeks. You can also have lingering numbness in some areas as well. Itching is very common and may represent normal healing or a bit of inflammation. Neither of which are concerning. We followup our patients every 3 months up to 12-18 months to deal with these very questions.

Gregory Chambon, MD
Overland Park Family Physician
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Soreness and Itching

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This is fairly typical and we have seen it before. You may also have a touch of Folliculitus and may just need a prescription for Loprox. It is worth following up with your doctor to see what he thinks. Swelling and itchiness are fairly common though for the first month or so. 

I hope this helps. 

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post procedure NeoGraft

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Hi and thanks for posting your question!
The description of your symptoms post NeoGraft hair transplantation are all normal. Localized swelling , thus tenderness, occurs in area of transplantation and takes some time to subside (~8-12 weeks in some patients). Itchiness at the donor site is also normal and takes similar amount of time to resolve. Use of gentle saline spray can sooth some patient's symptoms in the transplanted area and topical vaseline over the donor area may help also. This should all subside quite soon.
Hope this was helpful

Rachel Streu, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Itching and Irritation Following NeoGraft

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All normal. Nothing to worry about. Soothing saline spray may be used every 2-3 hours during the first 24hrs to the transplanted area to help with this symptoms. This will also prevent the formation of scabs around the healing transplanted grafts. For the donor site you can you a copper cream or just triple antibiotic which will help during the healing process. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

What you're experiencing is normal

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No worries.  Everything you are describing is completely normal.  Though it may not be the same for everyone, and some may have no itchiness or soreness, remember that your scalp had 1000's of tiny holes poked in to it.  Healing is occurring and as a result you may experience tingling and itching in both donor and recipient sites.  You'll feel better and back to normal in the coming weeks.  Hang tough.
  Good luck

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Itching and irritation following FUE transplant

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The sensations that you are describing are perfectly normal.  Although the sites are tiny, each one of those transplanted sites is technically a surgical site and undergoes the same process of inflammation and healing as any cut on the skin.  This often involves itching, irritation, and even some pain.  You can expect to see resolution of these symptoms in the next few weeks.  Good luck!

Scott K. Thompson, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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