BIOCORNUEM gel VS EMBRACE for advance scar therapy?

I'm due for a tummy tuck next month and my fear is the scaring. I would like your opinion on which one ( BIOCORNUEM gel or EMBRACE advance scar therapy) is best recommended

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Embrace Active Scar Defense & bioCorneum for Scarring

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One of the common concerns for patients interested in a tummy tuck procedure is scarring. Fortunately, there are many scar treatments available that help minimize scar formation after surgery. Two products I recommend to patients are Embrace Active Scar Defense and bioCorneum. Rather than choosing between the two, the best treatment includes a combination of both Embrace and bioCorneum. Embrace is best used early in the healing process once the incision is closed (1-2 weeks after surgery). After treatment with Embrace (8-10 weeks), patients benefit from the use of a silicone scar gel, such a bioCorneum. Using both scar therapies helps patients minimize the appearance of their scars best. It is extremely important to go over all of your concerns regarding your upcoming procedure with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Good luck with your body makeover!

Tummy Tuck Scar Therapy

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There is little scientific evidence that one scar therapy is superior over another. What is important is that you use something and that it is convenient to use so you will have good compliance. Cost is also another compliance factor. I would combine a gel during the say and taping at night beginning three weeks after surgery and continued up until three months after the procedure.

How to get the best scars after tummy tuck.

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Your own genetics of healing are the most important of all the things that go into good (or bad) healing,and good or bad scars. Surgical technique and tension on the closure are pretty much next on the list, and that has to do with your choice of surgeon and how skilled and precise s/he is with suture technique. Use of silicone scar pads or sheets is the only thing that has been scientifically shown to improve scars--all the rest (including the two you mentioned) are "just fine" but none has been shown to make a statistically-significant difference. This is science, not marketing.

Furthermore, if you have bad scars, then you will have to talk with your surgeon about revision, so it is wise to consult with him/her in the first place to find out their own protocol and what they do if the scars ARE less than perfect.

Remember, there is no magic cream, ointment, unguent, or gel that makes bad scars acceptable. Starting with a surgically-precise and gentle tissue handling closure is the best first step, and frankly, the only really controllable one. The rest is up to genetics and not making a wound worse as it heals and matures, like tanning while still pink and immature. Talk to your surgeon and follow his/her recommendations. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Embrace all the way....

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Thanks for your question. Hands down Embrace does a much better job! Now, that's my personal opinion, but I've used Embrace in close to 100 patients and I have never worked with a product that gives such nice results before in 14 years of practice. Best wishes always,

What is best treatment for scars after abdominoplasty

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Silicone gel products which include Biocorneum have been demonstrated in many studies to enhance the outcome of scars, and silicone gel is easy to use.   Tension is a well known factor leading to increased scars, and Embrace is a new therapy that effectively relieves tension, and has been demonstrated to improve outcomes after routine closure of abdominoplasty. There are other closure  techniques that will effectively relieve tension, and it is unknown  whether Embrace will improve the outcome in those cases. I would discuss with your surgeon the typical outcomes in their practice, and which product they would recomend  Embrace is more expensive, and harder to use, which is also a  consideration. 
Your own genetics and propensity to scar are also important variables.  Some people will scar poorly no matter what techniques are used, and on the other end of the spectrum, a patient with favorable genetics will usually not have problems.  Because abdominoplasties are closed under tension, it is important that  good strategy be used to minimize tension for the first few months of healing, while the scar is still immature, and subject to stretch or hypertrophy.

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