Accutane and Laser? Do I have to wait a month after the laser to start Accutane?

If i haven't started accutane and i had non ablative laser, do i have to wait a month after the laser to start accutane or does it matter?

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Accutane after laser

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Nope, you can start the Accutane whenever, post laser. It won't have an effect. It matters once you start the Accutane, but not before.

Time between laser procedure and Accutane

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I would let the skin heal completely before starting Accutane.  With nonablative lasers, it takes about a week maximum, depending on the procedure you had done.  Even though it takes some time for the effects of Accutane to build up, it does cause dryness and increased irritation of the skin, both of which are not conducive to proper healing.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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