Retin - A / Differin on Accutane?

I know both of them are not good while on accutane , but I want to get rid of these red marks fast , I'm very inpatient , I will grandually incrase the usage from 1 time /week to 2-3 time/week and them hopefully daily use , I will do a test patch before , but my question retin-a or differin while on accutane?What's the more gentle option for this?

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Do not incorporate any topicals while on Accutane without consulting a physician

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I would absolutely recommend against using any prescription (or really other) topicals while on Accutane, unless you consult your physician first. This could result in severe burns or other issues, which will create more intense problems than what you have now. Using products concurrently needs to be decided by a physician - not a patient!

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