Accutane & Freckles?

Hi Im 23 male. When i was younger i have so many acne on my face and also lots of Freckles. i go to the doctor and he give me Accutane. after a year i stoped using it than the acne returned in my face. now its almost 4 year im using Accutane (as my doctor say). but Lately i find more Freckles on my face.does Accutane effect on Freckles? and also how long i have to use Accutane?! can i stop using it ? (and also lately for getting rid of freckles i go to doctor and he used laser treatments).

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Accutane and Freckles

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Accutane can make you more sun sensitive and at this point in life, you are not getting freckles, you are getting sun damage. On Accutane you must wear daily sunscreen - it's very important. As to your other questions about length of time for the medication, consult your prescribing physician. 4 years of daily use is longer than I've ever had anyone on, so I'm unsure what your physician's plan is.

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