Shave Head Before Hair Transplant

planning a FUE procedure in way to improve my hairline. Do you alsways have to shave your head before undergoing it? i hope you say no!

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Shave before FUE hair transplant

It is necessary to shave the donor zone (Back of the scalp) before an FUE hair transplant procedure.  However, the rest of the head typically does not need to be shaved especially in the hairline area.  Occasionally I will recommend it to patients with longer hair as sometimes creating recipient sites and placing the grafts is more difficult in patients with longer hair.  However in the hairline I find it not necessary in the majority of cases to shave.

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Shaving of the scalp

Whenever possible, unless a patient feels comfortable with a shaved head, we will allow the hair to remain long.  With FUE, it is possible to remove the follicular units from narrow strips of shaved scalp, allowing us typically to obtain as many as 600 grafts.  Of course the recipient areas are not shaved not only for easier post op healing but also that these existing longer hairs allow for the appreciation of the angle and direction of hair growth.

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Hair Transplant and Head Shave

The donor site where we take the grafts that are used will have to be shaved.  However, where the grafts are implanted does not have to be shaved.  If your hair is long enough in the back, there is an option to try to camouflage your donor site.  We have had many patients that are not able to tell their hair was even shaved.  It can be very discrete with the right length of hair.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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You need to shave the donor site before a FUE Hair Transplant

Thank you for your question.  With the FUE method of hair transplants, you will need to shave the donor site (back of the scalp) before your procedure.  The good news is that in most cases you will not need to shave the entire head, permitted that the recipient transplant site is easily accessible.   I typically recommend that my patients get their hair cut the week before their FUE hair transplant procedure.

Shaving head for hair transplant

It is not always necessary to shave or trim the hair.  Some times it is to the clients advantage to shave , and those cases this option should be discussed with the patient prior to the procedure. 

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Hate to say it but...YES you do have to shave it. And you WANT to.

It's a pain to deal with a shaved head. But remember, hair is filthy ! Absolutely filthy. Even the fine vellus hairs on your abdomen are shaved prior to a, say, abdominal procedure because even those tiny hairs are bacteria sponges. Shaving it away reduces bacteria markedly.

Also, all hair transplant procedures involved bleeding making it very hard to see what you're doing. Having hair in the mix makes it even harder. Imagine trying to thread a needle but you have to look through six other strands of thread to do it. Now turn off the lights. That's what working in hair is like.

Dr. Feller

Alan S. Feller, DO
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Is it necessary to shave my whole head for a FUE procedure?

Please understand we never shave a patients head bald because it would not allow Dr. Vories to extract any hair follicles. He does trim the entire head and all hair completely, using a #1 guard (it looks like a short military style haircut), for several reasons.

  • It allows me to have access to ALL the donor area (back of the head) without depleting any one concentrated area.
  • In the recipient area (bald or thin areas) it gives me a clean field in which to place the extracted follicles without interference of the existing hair.
  • It also allows me to pack the follicles that much tighter without any obstruction.
On average hairs grows back at half an inch per month so it is a short term issue for a permanent solution in regards to getting your hair back to normal.

Shave head before hair transplant

Yes, you always need to shave your donor area. However, if you are a suitable candidate, you do not have to get your recipient area shaved.

Melike Kulahci, MD
Turkey Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Do you Always Have To Shave The Head Before FUE Hair Transplant

Not always. Certainly in operations of say 1000 grafts (2000+ hairs) or more, it is more straight forward to shave the donor area. However, the recipient area at the front or top does not necessarily need to be shaved.

It is also possible to do partial shaving of the donor area, using your own long hair to hide shaven sections. This however, usually results in less donor available to move per operation.

Another alternative is to grow your hair very long and shave a wide donor area underneath it using the long layer of hair to hide it apron-style. This could especially useful in women who prefer FUE to strip FUT.

Bessam Farjo, MBChB
Manchester Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Does one have to shave the head for an FUE

That depends upon how many grafts. There are ways to work around a large shaved area to include:

1) long haired FUE which we limit to 400 grafts
2) keeping the hair long to cover the shaved areas
3) shave the scalp in stripes like a step ladder with hair between each rung on the ladder. This can be see easily on the web reference below and we can do up to 800 graft that way when puhsed by the patient

William Rassman, MD
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