What Can Be Done About Sagging Around Mouth Corners?

I have a small face with high cheekbones, I don’t have wrinkles but have noticed my face is sagging a little and to me it’s noticeable around the corners of my mouth. What can I do?

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Help for sagging of the corners of the mouth.

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Hi! There are two non invasive treatments to lift the corners of the mouth, and there is also an operation.

1) Botox can be injected below the corners (tiny amounts!), to relax the muscle that pulls the corners down.

2) Fillers such as Restylane can be injected under the corners to create "buttresses" which support and lift the corners.

3) More definitively, a mid facelift done through the mouth will lift the corners of your mouth for a long time.

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Sagging Mouth Corners: How can they be addressed

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There is a simple and a more complicated way to address this.

For mild to moderate drooping, and assuming that a patient is not interested in surgery, one can use a filler (Radiesse or Juvederm) to provide volume to the oral commissure (corner of the mouth), combination to a small amount of Botox to the DAO's (muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth down). This is a temporary solution.

Assuming you are willing to have surgery and you have further indications (jowls and changes to the neck), a Facelift may address some of your concerns. However, it is important to note that too much tension on the corners of the mouth is one of the tell tale signs of an overdone Facelift.

Sagging Skin around the Mouth

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 Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  If your cheekbones are nice and you are mostly concerned about the area around your lower face and mouth, then a lower facelift may be the answer.  Good luck.

What can be done about sagging around mouth corners?

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It all depends on the extent of the lateral oral commissure sag and the cause of it.

If accompanied by jowls, the solution to both would be either a Mid Facelift or a MACS Facelift which would lift the cheek unit causing this drooping.

On the other hand, a little corner lift of the corner of the mouth can be done as well but it will leave a scar along the junction of the lip and lower cheek.

Another way, depending on your presentation is to weaken the muscle which actively pulls the corner of the mouth down (Depressor Anguli oris) with Botox and if needed put some filler in the crease to fill it up. This works extremely well in most people but I would recommend you have it done by a doctor with a good knowledge of facial anatomy - NOT by an "injector"

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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