Solution for Saggy, Crepey Skin After Tummy Tuck?

I hade a Tummy Tuck a month ago and as I realize, it takes several months to see the final results, but my skin is still very saggy and wrinkly. I had a full TT and I wasn't that large to begin with (size10).

My PS says he'd rather it be a little loose than too tight. What should do? I'm very frustrated! Am I wrong in thinking that I shouldn't look like this?

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Loose skin after a tummy tuck

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Unfortunately you will never have a tight abdomen because of how many stretch marks you have in your skin indicating that its elasticity is gone.  You might have had a little more skin removed but it still wouldn't have made you "tight." 

Stretch marks kill...

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tummy tuck results. Lacied, I don't see a scar around your belly button. Did you have some variant of a full tummy tuck, or is your belly button scar just that good? And, did you limit your surgeon to that? It does appear that you can be made "tighter", but it would require an incision around the belly button and possibly a vertical scar from the belly button to the pubic area as well. Good luck!

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